How to Check and Download GPF Nagaland Slip – Guide

What is GPF?

General Provident Fund is a kind of provision fund that is given to all the employees working in the government sector. The rate of GPF is variable and is changes from time to time by the Ministry of Finance.  All the government employees appointed before 2004 can get the benefit of GPS.  It is cut from the basic pay.

The GPS rule was available to the central government employee in 1960. All the fund which the government is liable to pay is credited in the books of government under general provident fund account.

The sum can be advanced or withdrawn by the employee from the GPS account in case of an emergency.

Assuming you are the government employee of Telangana state, you have to follow the following steps:-

Process of Downloading GBF slip Nagaland online

Step 1: Open your browser and type online GPF Nagaland or click on

Step 2: Scroll down the site. On the right-hand side, you will get ‘click here for Online GPF Information System.’ Click there. You will be redirected to the new page.

Step 3: Click on subscribers login 

Step 4: write your Series Name or department name.

Step 5: Enter your mobile number, Pin, Account Number and other askes details.

Step 6: Verify the  captcha 

Step 7: Click on Submit.

Step 8: You will OTP on the registered mobile number.

Step 9: Verify the OTP and submit it.

Step 10: Select the financial year of the statement that you want to download. 

Step 11: Your slip will be downloaded

Step 12: Open the downloaded folder.

Step 13: Enter password

Password will be the combination of your SeriesNumber and account number. For example, if the Series number is ABCD and the account number is 1234. Then, the password will be ABCD1234


Q. I am working in Private sector of Nagaland. Can I also get the GPF Benefit?

No. Only the people working in the public sector or the government servant will only get General provident  Fund benefits. Private sector employees are not eligible to get the benefit.

Q. Can I withdraw the sum in case of emergency?

Yes. The sum can be advanced or withdrawn by the employee from the GPS account in case of an emergency. But only two-thirds of the total amount can only be withdrawn as per the law.

Q. Can suspend employees who will get the interest and subscription will be charged?

When suspended, GPS stop

Q. I have taken unpaid leave. Will they charge a subscription?

Relief – Subscription stop if unpaid Leave

Q. What is the current GPF Interest rate?

See the source image

The current interest rate in GPF is 7.1%

We hope you have understood the complete process to download the monthly GBF slip of Nagaland. You can ask your questions down in the comment section regarding any step.

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