How to Check Your Citibank Credit Card Pre-Selection Eligibility

Citibank has gained widespread popularity due to its vast range of services related to banking, credit instruments, insurance policies, and much more. Moreover, their credit cards are best suited to avail cashback deals, air miles, and other attractive discounts on completing online transactions.

If you intend to get a Citibank credit card, you may verify whether you are already pre-selected by following a few basic steps. Knowing this gives you an idea regarding the chances of being offered a Citibank credit card.


How Can You Verify Whether You are Pre-Selected for Citibank Credit Facilities or Not?

Checking whether you are pre-selected for any of Citibank’s credit cards is pretty easy. Just follow these steps to get the job done:

Step 1: Proceed to Citi’s pre-selection tool. Here you need to fill out the fields asking for personal information.

Step 2: Now, select product preference as per your credit requirements.

Step 3: Check the authorisation box to proceed. 

The fresh window declares whether you are pre-selected for one of Citi’s credit products. Also, you do not need to worry about your credit score getting compromised because of this inquiry. It is held under the ‘soft inquiry’ category and unless you actually proceed to apply for a credit facility, your creditworthiness remains intact.


What are the Basic Eligibility Criteria to Apply for a Citibank Credit Card?

It is vital to be aware of the credit card eligibility credentials set by a financial organisation for its customers to increase your chances of approval. Thus we suggest you refer to the factors below as you proceed to check credit card eligibility for Citibank consumers. 

  • Applicant must be between 21 and 60 years of age.
  • The person applying has to be a resident of India.
  • Both self-employed individuals and salaried professionals can apply for Citibank credit cards.
  • Monthly income has to be Rs. 20,000 at least. However, this may vary depending on the credit card type you request for.
  • Finally, before applying, ensure that you have a healthy credit score of above 750.


What Criteria Must be Fulfilled for Availing Credit Card Update?

If you are already using any Citibank credit service for a few months you can apply for a possible card upgrade. With a premium card, you will be able to secure greater discounts upon each transaction and may possibly enjoy additional features like low ATM cash withdrawal charges. 

Upon receiving such a request the bank officials will scrutinise your repayment history, and overall credit nature and look for any previous defaults. If they notice a flawless track record, they will provide you with several options to choose from. 


What Factors Can Possibly Affect the Chances of Credit Card Approval?

Even after fulfilling the criteria mentioned above, certain factors prove to be detrimental when it comes to securing credit card approval. To ensure you receive a Citibank credit card keep the following pointers in mind.

  • Low Credit Score

Any credit application has high chance of getting rejected if the applicant’s profile reflects a credit score of less than 750. You can easily track your credit status online using relevant tools presented by online marketplaces and financial institutions.

  • Employment

An unstable employment history lowers your chances of securing any credit card. Therefore, try to stick to job roles for a reasonable period. For instance, if you are applying for a credit card and the card issuer notices you have been maintaining a professional relationship with your current employer for more than a year, chances of credit card approval will be better. 

  • Multiple Debts

Credit card applications may not meet success if the lender notices your tendency of too much inclination towards credit facilities. It indicates that you are probably struggling to manage your personal finances currently. Therefore, do not resort to multiple EMIs at a time and stick to a low credit utilisation ratio (ideally lower than 30% of the threshold amount).

  • Location

Many credit card facilities are limited to citizens who live in Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities of India. In such cases, if you try to avail those services from an unregistered location, your application will be turned down. 


How to Select the Right Citibank Credit Card?

To select the best-suited credit card you have to assess your lifestyle needs. Some other factors that you must consider before finalising the decision of getting a credit card are:

First, visit the address and use the Citi credit card comparison tool. Here, you have to follow 3 quick steps to check which credit card can prove to be most useful to you:

Step 1: Select the offers that are most likely to fit into your spending patterns

Step 2: Click on ‘Compare Now’ to analyse 2-3 card options. Here, you can read about their features and decide which one will be more beneficial for you. 

Step 3: Finally, once the decision has been made, proceed to this final step by clicking the ‘Apply Now’ button against the desired credit card, provided you meet the eligibility criteria. 


A Citibank credit card, if used correctly, can ensure maximum value as it offers many features supporting a vast array of lifestyle needs and ambitions. However, while spending you must note the terms and conditions to accurately estimate the advantages. For any particular detail, you can always refer to their relevant product pages or reach out to the customer service department and get your queries sorted. 

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