7 Ways to Check Available to Check IDFC Balance – Guide

The total amount of cash that is present in the account, counting the pending transactions as well makes your account balance. (e.g., debit card purchases that are not done/cleared).

Your available balance can be termed as the amount of cash presently in your account which you use for purchasing and withdrawing. It doesn’t counts the pending transactions and check holds from your account balance.

IDFC bank balance enquiry online facility

It isn’t necessary for the IDFC Bank account holders to visit bank all the time to check their balance, as IDFC provides numerous ways to have a look at your account balance. Just by sitting at home, IDFC account-holders can get their bank balance enquiry online.

Things required to get registered in IDFC Website

Here are few things which one must sit with, while registering on IDFC site :

  • Your contact number registered with the bank must be with you to do idfc bank balance enquiry
  • IDFC net banking user id and password
  • IDFC mobile app PIN.
  • Remember the last four digits of your account number (to look at the balance by sending SMS)
  • Debit card details (To check the balance using UPI App)
  • How to do IDFC bank balance enquiry

There are currently 7 Ways to check available to check idfc balance by :

There are 7 such ways through which, bank holders can check their account balance.

  1. Missed call (without Internet).
  2. Sending SMS (Without Internet).
  3. With the help of IDFC App
  4. With the help of IDFC Net Banking
  5. With the help of UPI App
  6. Check balance using *99# (Without Internet)
  7. By visiting to ATM in the bank itself.

1 – Get IDFC bank balance enquiry by –  giving missed call (Without Internet)

By giving just a missed call from your valid registered mobile number,  you can have a look at your balance without even an internet connection.

  • Get your contact number that is registered with the bank and dial on  – 18002700720
  • Wait for the call to gets connected and automatically disconnects.
  • On checking your SMS, you will receive an SMS from IDFC bank, showing your total balance.

2 – Check IDFC bank balance by –  Sending SMS

  • You can send an SMS to know your idfc bank account balance.
  • This method also doesn’t require an Internet connection but needs an active sim card with the balance in it so that you can send and receive SMS.
  • Open the SMS app on your phone and create a new message.
  • Type BALANCE < Space><Last 4 digits of account number> and send this message to the following number –
  • IDFC bank balance check by SMS – 9289289960 OR 5676732
  • Note that you may get charged based on your recharge plan. make sure you have a balance or active SMS pack.
  • Once the SMS sent successfully, within a few seconds you will receive an SMS from IDFC bank which contains your bank account balance.

3 – Check IDFC bank balance enquiry by – Mobile App

  • Download IDFC First bank Mobile App on your smartphone
  • Open the app and register using the registered mobile number, customer id, and OTP received on the mobile number.
  • Set the four-digit login PIN for the app.
  • Once you successfully register on the app, log in to the app by entering App PIN.
  • Once you log in to the app, you can view the total account balance for your IDFC bank account.
  • If you have multiple accounts with IDFC bank, you can swipe left to check the other bank account balances.
  • By tapping on the balance, you can also view the mini statement for the IDFC bank account. Read this guide to Get IDFC bank mini statement.

4 – How to get IDFC bank balance enquiry using Internet banking

  • Open IDFC bank website on your computer/smartphone – https://www.idfcfirstbank.com/
  • Click on the Customer Login button from the main menu.
  • Now, click on LOGIN to New portal button. (if you have an account opened after 25 December 2021) Or else click on Login to existing portal. IDFC Bank will migrate all the account holders to new internet banking portal very soon.
  • Provide it with your registered mobile number and then enter the password.
  • Once you successfully log in the account, on the homepage, you can view the total balance for your idfc bank account.
  • Click on the ‘balance’ to view the mini statement of your idfc account.

5 – How to view IDFC account balance using UPI

UPI is new in market and a unique method monitor bank balance,sending/receiving money without even sharing personal account details. Many UPI apps are made available for Android phones which generally run on BHIM UPI technology.

In this article, we will talk about such UPI Apps like – PhonePe, Google pay to check your account balance and the following steps are :

  • Download Google Pay UPI App on your phone
  • Visit the app and provide it with your active mobile number and Email Address
  • You will receive an OTP on that number for verification, by entering it, clear the process.
  • Once the OTP is verified, go for the app lock method PIN or Pattern.
  • You have to remember and enter this PIN/pattern every time you login the app
  • On the homescreen of the app, tap on Your Profile Picture from the top right corner.
  • Tap on bank Account and select ‘Add Bank account’ option.
  • Select IDFC Bank name from the list by searching.
  • Now, confirm the mobile number registered with the bank whether it is the same registered with Google pay app.
  • Tap on the Continue button and the App will start verifying your mobile number with the bank (by sending SMS on your phone right away).
  • Enter the Last Six digits of your IDFC debit card
  • Insert your Month and Data in MM/YY format
  • On the display, enter your ATM PIN of your IDFC debit card.
  • After successful verification of the card details, you can now set the UPI PIN.
  • Enter the Four-Digit UPI PIN of your choice.
  • IDFC bank has four digits of UPI PIN. Usually other major banks have six digits UPI PIN
  • When the process is successfully, you can now view the bank account balance by entering UPI PIN.
  • UPI registration is a one-time process, after creating once, you can use any UPI app with the same UPI PIN anytime to check your balance.

Method 6 – IDFC bank account balance enquiry without internet

  • This is the BHIM UPI service which without an internet connection.
  • You can check your account balance from your keypad basic phone also.
  • You can find the step by step process of *99# service.
  • On your Mobile phone, dial *99#
  • A new display would appear asking you to enter your bank name in abbreviation form of 3letters  or first 4 letters of IFSC.
  • Enter your banks IFSC or 3 letter name
  • You will see a menu with different options for available services enabled.
  • For balance enquiry, go for the option 1
  • A confirmation message will be sent to you showing the available balance on your account.

Method 7 – IDFC first bank account balance check by – ATM

When there is no internet connection, what one can do? All the above methods needed a good internet connection to check your balance. if don’t have an internet connection, then in such case, you can visit the nearest ATM and with the help of your Debit card, check the account balance.

  • Visit nearest ATM of any bank.
  • Insert the ATM card
  • Don’t Remove the card soon as these new EVM based chip card needs to be inserted all the time while doing any kind of ATM transaction.
  • Enter ATM PIN and then choose the option of ‘check account balance’ on the screen.
  • When you check an account using ATM, then it is not counted in transaction history, one can check your account balance as much as he/she wants.
  • There is no issue of about five free transactions here.

Contact Details :

Customer care numbers:-

For Loans –  call at 1860 500 9900 
For Rural Banking –  call at 1800 419 8332 9:30 am to 6:00 pm all days
For NRI Number (Only for CASA, Deposit account holders) –  call at 022 6248 5152

Official Website: www.idfcfirstbank.com

Here is the end of it. Hope you understood all the seven 7 methods to check your IDFC bank account balance just while sitting at home. . In case you have any queries about the registration process provided in this article, then you can write to us in the comment section below.

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