Ultimate Guide On Federal Bank Net Banking

In this article we will give you all information related to federal bank net banking registration, activation, login etc.

Federal Bank offers a net banking facility for its users that they can activate to avail of the amazing services. It is called as FedNet and is one of the most beneficial features that help users perform financial transactions, view account statements, make loan repayments, do recharges or open fixed deposits among many other services as well.

All of these transactions are performed under the highest security with the two-factor authentication process. If you wish to avail of the Federal Bank Net Banking services, then here we are to present every detail just for you.

So, read this article till the very end to know the detailed procedure for Federal Bank Net Banking.

Benefits of Federal Bank Net Banking Services

• With the Federal Bank Net Banking Services, you can easily transfer funds within accounts. Experience a hassle-free simple way to send money.

• Unlike the traditional methods of stressing over demand drafts and checks, the Federal Bank Net Banking services allow for a stress-free solution at the comfort of your home.

• Need to transfer money urgently? Use the benefits of net banking and transfer funds via IMPS.

• Let your money work while you relax. Consider investing? Use the Federal Bank Net Banking services to invest in recurring deposits.

• Now you can open a fixed deposit account without having to visit your branch with net banking. Avail of these services today!

• Pay indirect or direct taxes online. Sounds simple, right? Yes, it is. With net banking activated, you can easily pay your taxes without visiting your branch. Also, you get a confirmation message instantly approving the transaction.

• Net banking allows you to securely shop online and make safe high secure transactions.

• Recharge your prepaid phones or pay your postpaid bills with net banking features. Complete DTH and wifi bills securely online.

• Do you need to review the last transaction? Use net banking to get a mini statement of the transactions for easy access.

• Pay your education and another kind of fees online with the net banking service.


Requirements To Activate Federal Bank Net Banking?

Before you continue with activating net banking, here are a few prerequisites that you should go through.

• You need to have an active individual Federal Bank account. The bank account should not be a joint under and must be named after an individual.

• Details like Aadhar Card, Permanent Account Number (PAN), Voter’s ID must be present with you.

• The ATM card provided to you by the bank must be active and valid.

• A valid mobile number along with an email ID should be provided to the bank.

• The ATM card details should be entered wherever the information is necessary.


Detailed Procedure To Activate Federal Bank Net Banking

Step 1: First, visit the official Federal Bank website. Here is the link for a quick reference – https://www.fednetbank.com/

Step 2: Select the ‘Continue to Loving option to proceed.

Step 3: You will be redirected to the next page where you need to select the ‘Sign Up’ option.

Step 4: Next, choose the type of account. Select ‘Single’ and choose the ‘Proceed’ option.

Step 5: On the next page that shows up, enter your 14-digit Federal Bank account number. Also, put in the Verification Code as well. Click on ‘Continue’ after you are done entering all information.

Step 6: Next, the registered mobile number will receive an OTP. Put in your OTP and choose the ‘Continue’ option.

Step 7: At this stage, create a User ID to log into the FedNet account. Ensure to check the prerequisites before creating the account.

Step 8: Put in a password. Similarly, the password should be provided as per the instructions given. Put in the password twice to reconfirm it and click on ‘Submit’.

Step 9: Next, choose the type of facility you want to use. Enter the User ID along with the set Password. Then choose between ‘View and Transact’ or ‘View Only’.

Step 10: Choose the ‘I require the transaction. Select ‘Submit’.

Step 11: Next, enter the debit card details of your Federal Bank account. Put in your card number, expiry date, and the ATM pin. Choose ‘Submit’.

Step 12: Now you need to create a transaction password. Make sure that the transaction password is strong and enter the password twice to reconfirm.

Step 13: You will receive an OTP to the registered mobile number. Once you put in the OTP, select the ‘Validate OTP’ option.

Step 14: Here your registration is now complete!


How To Log Into Federal Bank Net Banking?

• Visit the official Federal Bank website mentioned above.
• There, you need to choose the ‘Personal Banking’ option.
• Choose the ‘Continue to Login’ option.
• Enter the user ID and password.
• Once you put in all the necessary details, check if they are right. Choose the ‘Login’ button.
• Here, you are finally logged into Federal bank Net Banking.


Balance Check On Federal Bank Net Banking

If you need to check your account balance, then you will need to first complete the registration process. Once you have completed the registration process, proceed with checking your account balance which we will now discuss.

Step 1: Log into the official website of the Federal Bank Net Banking.
Step 2: Choose the ‘Personal Banking’ option from the screen.
Step 3: ‘Continue To Login’.
Step 4: Here, enter your User ID and password. Now, select the ‘Login’ option.
Step 5: Go to the ‘Account Summary’ option to view the balance left in the account.

How to Transfer Funds with Federal Net Banking?

In this section, we will look at how users can transfer funds from one account to the other via IMPS.

Step 1: First, you will have to login into the FedNet portal.

Step 2: Here, enter the user ID and password. Finally, choose the ‘Login’ option.

Step 3: You will here find an option that reads ‘Transfer Funds’.
Step 4: Next, select the ‘IMPS Fund Transfer’ option.

Step 5: Here you will need to enter various details of the beneficiary like the MMID, mobile number, along with the amount you would like to transfer.
Step 6: Now, you will be asked to enter the transaction password to complete the procedure.

Step 7: While activating the Federal Bank Net Banking, you will be asked for a valid mobile number. After you put in the transaction password, you will get an SMS confirmation.



1. What is the balance enquiry number for Federal Bank?
Give a missed call on 8431900900 to instantly receive an SMS. The SMS will include the balance details of your bank account.

2. How will I receive the Federal Bank Net Banking PIN?
The PIN will not be shared with you online due to security reasons. You will receive it via post.

3. Are there any hidden charges for Federal Bank Internet Banking?
There are no charges at all for availing the internet banking services. However, if you transfer funds using different modes like RTGS or NEFT, then there might be minimal charges involved.

Final Words

In this article, we discussed the various benefits of Federal Bank Net Banking along with different procedures that you may want to use. With this, we finally end hoping that you found this write-up to be useful. In case of any doubts or queries, feel free to contact us.


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