How to Check Balance in Bank of India – [All Methods]

Bank of India, a.k.a BOI is one of the Oldest Indian Commercial Bank; it was founded on 7 September 1906, which is approximately 113 years ago (as in 2020). After nationalization in 1969, it had been owned by the government. Well, if you are Bank of India, then there are various cases in which you may want to check out your Bank Balance before Performing any kind of monetary transactions and things like that…

So for helping you in that we have prepared this article here, we will be covering how you can check your Bank of India account bank balance by using different methods.

So let’s directly come to the point without further more delays.

How to Check Balance in Bank of India – [All Methods]

There are various methods to check the balance of your Bank of India account, however here we will be covering only two methods, One is by calling over a Bank of India balance check number and another one is by using Bank of India Net Banking both have their own different procedures as follows:

1. Using Bank Of India Balance Check Number

Note: For following this procedure, your mobile number must be registered with your Bank of India bank account. If not, then following this procedure, you won’t be able to check your bank balance.

For checking your bank of India account balance using this procedure you need to make a call over any of the following number given below, once you make a call over it will get automatically disconnected, and within few seconds you will receive a messaging stating the amount available in your Bank of India account so this way you can enquire your bank balance. Also, these numbers are tool-free as you won’t be charged anyway for making a miss call.

1. 09015135135

2. 09266135135

Q. What if My Mobile is not Registered with my Bank Account?

A. Well, there can be such cases, so in such situations, you have to visit the nearest Bank of India branch and fill a form and then submit it to the bank manager, and within few days, your mobile number will get associated with your Bank Account.

2. Using Bank of India Net Banking

Note: For checking your account balance using Net Banking using this procedure, your account must have a Net Banking facility enabled, or else you won’t be able to check it, and I would recommend it is better to check bank account balance using the 1st method given above.

For checking your account Balance using Net Banking you need to visit Bank of India Internet Banking Retail Signon page to visit click here, after visiting that page, please fill you’re all Login details and once you got login into it, you will be able to easily check your Bank Balance, and even you will be able to perform transactions as well…

So this were the ways using which you can check your Bank of India account bank balance easily hope this video was helpful to you. Thank you! So much for visiting our blog…

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