How to Check LIC Policy Status Without Registration?

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The disaster protection organization of India, LIC, is highly acclaimed and one of the biggest insurance agencies in India. The organization has a cooperation of more than 245 insurance agencies that offer administrations to a great many Indian residents every year. It was authoritatively settled in 1956 and has guaranteed that the clients are protected and well covered. The organization has an assortment of strategies which suits all ages from wellbeing to training and property protection.

LIC has executed various plans which are offered to clients under specific conditions. Throughout the long term, the organization has developed its innovation and joined another computerized framework for its customers. One can check their arrangement or get one without visiting the organization workplaces. The online entry assists clients with a detailed survey that the clients take up through their cell phones. They can hence become familiar with the status of the framework simply by following not many advances on the web.

How to Check the LIC Strategy Status Without Enlistment?

The following methods can be used to check the LIC strategy status without enlistment-:

  • Clients can check their LIC strategy utilizing a straightforward SMS technique. The organization offers a SMS number for simple checking measures.
  • Clients can avail their LIC details by sending an SMS to the number 56767877. They can check the status through similar numbers and the accompanying depictions.

It is now essential to know how to check the LIC Policy Status.

How to Check the LIC Policy Status? 

This procedure can be divided into two different parts-: the first one being for the clients enrolled, and the second one for the new or unenrolled clients. Clients are free to check their respective LIC policy Status online by administering the following steps-:

(A.) for Enrolled Clients: How to Check LIC Policy Status Online

Enrolled clients can visit the official site and check the status of any LIC strategy. The installments, demands, rewards, and plans or anything else that might concern the clients, can be checked by them.

Given below are the methods to be followed:

  • Visit the e-administration LIC strategy online interface:
  • On the landing page, the screen will show two alternatives:
  • The two alternatives are-: New client or Registered client.
  • A customer will be required to enter the enrolled alternative details and continue to enter the required certifications, for example, client ID and secret phrase.
  • Once a customer logs into the LIC account page, he will discover the diverse strategy alternatives, after which the client is required to click on the approach status button.
  • This page will show all the individual arrangement accounts; the client can take the decision to add an approach that isn’t recorded on the record.
  • The client can check the status of approach by clicking on the arrangement number from the rundown. Details like arrangement name, strategy term, table number, premium date, will show up on the screen.

(B.) for Unenrolled Clients:

The e-administration entry has an enlistment choice for new clients who wish to get enrolled for the LIC strategy cover. The new client will have to fill in their qualifications. Beneath, there are a few other steps to follow:

Go to the authority site page, and on the landing page, select the online assistance tab.

Snap on the e-administration official connection, which will guide the customer to another page.

On choosing the new client tab, another page will open, Right insights will be needed here on, as follows:

  • Policy number should be in the client’s name and legitimate as indicated by the LIC arrangements.
  • Amount of premium and the sum paid each month.
  • The client’s date of birth in the arrangement -: DD/MM/YYYY.
  • Registered portable number to help get strategy cautions, for example, installments, strategy development period, and so on.
  • Registered email address of the client.

The client will have to Re-evaluate all the dimensions, and if right, the client has to select the continue button. It is to be noted that the framework will consequently erase invalid data within five working days.

  • Now the client will have to pick the client ID and secret key affirm and snap on the submit button. This enables the new client to sign in to the strategy to represent status checks and other protection exercises.

How to Join Up The LIC Strategy?

The following set of steps will have to be followed in order to do so-:

  • On the authority LIC strategy site, the page will show a solicitation, “do you have any LIC strategy?” The client needs to tap on the “yes” tab. The page will direct the client to an online LIC policy enrollment form.
  • The client then has to enter all the necessary details, for example, the client’s, the premium to amount pay etc.
  • The client can take a printout for reference once they complete filling in the structure. It is also allowed to be downloaded after the registration process.
  • The life assured or the nominee is considered eligible for the policies; and subsequent to filling the enrolment structure, they can submit it to the closest branch. The LIC authorities offer an affirmation letter which is sent to the respective client ID afterwards.
  • The entire procedure will be verified and considered after all the essential archives and documents fit the LIC strategy plans.
  • The LIC organization offers various methods of premium installments from yearly, month to month, quarterly, or half yearly.

LIC Policy Status for a Surrender Value:

The LIC policyholder can ascertain the estimation of their policy value with the help of the given formula:-

The fundamental whole guaranteed (the quantity of expenses paid/complete number of premium payable) + absolute reward received*surrender esteem factor.

Going by the LIC Jeevan Anand strategy, if the surrender value applies after three dynamic long periods of the LIC strategy, which is equivalent to 30% of all premiums except the paid expenses of the main year in addition to the vested reward. However, this will not account as a benefit to compute for the surrender value. Rewards are the extra sum paid at the hour of death and when the policy term collapses.

  • LIC strategy years 2010 (15 years’ approach).
  • The fundamental aggregate for the guaranteed RS 4 lakh (yearly premium sum Rs.30,192/).
  • Bonuses assortment Rs.70,000/ -.
  • Assumption-: If one has 5 premiums, the arrangement give up will be 30%.
  • (5*30,192) +final reward in the present term.

The principle amount applies for a very long time in the above model, clients who have paid over five years will have an alternate surrender value, however, utilizing the same formula as mentioned above.

How To Download the LIC Customer Application? 

One can download the LIC Customer application (LIC strategy Status), from Playstore and apple applications store. It’s accessible and liberated from cost.

For Apple mobile Users:-

For Android mobile Users:-

  • LIC strategy holders can likewise check their LIC strategy status using a straightforward SMS technique. life coverage organization of india offers a SMS number for simple checking strategy status without enlistment. Send SM to 56767877 from the enlisted portable number.
  • Clients can reach out to the LIC Call center or customer care number (toll free contact) which is +91 022 6827 6827.
  • LIC strategy status in power means, in general terms, “inforce” signifies “to be dynamic”. In Life Insurance Policy terms, the strategy is dynamic i.e., in the event that the client continues paying expenses from time to time, at that point the arrangement will be in power. If at all the client suddenly stops adhering to the payment, at that point, that Life Insurance Policy will drop.
  • The instructions to check the LIC policy number is an exceptionally simple procedure. To check the LIC strategy status utilizing the strategy number, one needs to  send an SMS as instructed below. Type ASKLIC , and send this message to the official number-:  56767877.

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