How to Close Axis Bank Account Online? – Possible ?

Axis Bank is a major private sector bank in India. Axis Bank was the first of the new private sector banks since 1994, after the Indian government’s permission to set up banks in the private sector got sanctioned. The name of this bank at the time of establishment was UTI Bank, which was later changed to Axis Bank. This bank is owned by Unit Trust of India (UTI-I), “Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)” and “General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC)” and including four insurance companies of the public sector.

Well, if you have landed our site from google search, then I can say you are into a situation in which you want to close your Axis Bank Account and looking for information on the web that how you can close your Axis Bank Account online? If so, then we are here to solve all your Queries, please continue reading this article to get all your queries answered.

How to Close Axis Bank Account Online? – Is It Possible?

So first Question can you close your Axis Bank Account Online? – The answer is NO; you can close your Axis Bank Account online; you can only download Account Closure Form Online, which can furthermore help you out in Closing your Bank Account in saving a bit of time.

Follow the steps given below if you want to close your Axis Bank saving or current accounts.

1. First of all, check if you have some balance in your Axis Bank account if you have then you can withdraw it through ATM, or you can transfer the amount to some other bank account even by visiting the bank and through other processes as well.

2. Once you withdraw all the amount from the account, visit the nearest Axis Bank home branch and get an account close form from the branch. Once you got that form fill all required information.

Additional Tips: If you are in a bit of hurry, then I would suggest you download Account Closure Form from their website, and get its printed copy and fill the form at home or anywhere this would save your lot of time, click the download Axis Bank Account Closure Form by clicking over the linked text.

Side Note: Don’t forget to take things when visiting Bank Account like ID Proof, Debit Card, Chequebook, Passbook and things associated with your Bank Account. You can even use photocopies of the above-mentioned documents.

3. Once the form gets filled, submit it to the Bank Executive along with the above-mentioned documents, within sometime Bank Executive would return your Passbook for your reference.

4. After that, the Bank Executive will also provide you with a slip stating acceptance of the account closure form.

5. And your Axis Bank account will get closed within 10 working days, & once get closed you will also receive a message from the Banks side confirming the same.

So this is how one can close their Axis Bank Account, In case you need some sort of help or anything you can contact Axis Bank Support by calling over the toll-free customer support number: 18604195555.

So that’s for this article I hope you found this article Informative. Thank you for giving your precious time to us.

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