How to Close Axis Bank Account? [Guide]

Axis Bank is the fourth largest Indian Bank that provides a wide range of its financial products and services to its account holder. Also, this Bank pays the highest maintenance charge than others. So if you have an account in Axis bank and now want to close your account permanently in Axis Bank for any of the reasons, but you exactly don’t know “How to close Axis Bank Account ?’ Then here we are sharing the detailed information to close the Axis bank account.

But before closing your Axis Bank account, make sure the following things listed below:

  • You have neither a heavy amount nor a zero amount in your account that you want to close.
  • You have paid any of the charges or EMIs.

Now here is the following process of Closing Axis Bank Account?  

If you want to close any of your accounts in the Axis Bank then you need to follow the following steps;

1. First of all, you need to visit the home branch (recommended) of your Bank or any of the nearest branch of the Bank.

2. Then take an Account Closer Form from the staff and fill up all the information correctly.

3. Then attach all of the documents related to your account like bank account passbook, checkbook, debit card, credit card,  ID proof with Account Closer Form.

4. Make sure all the documents related to your bank account and your ID card has been attached and then submit it to the bank manager.

5. Also, give them your other bank account number, so if there is any remaining money in your account after deduction of the closing charges of the account, then your Axis bank can transfer the remaining money into your provided bank account number.

6. Then after submitting the Account Closer Form, you will get an SMS or email on your registered mobile number or mail id that your account will be close within two working days, and your rest money will be transferred within seven working days.

So this was the basic and only method to close your account in Axis Bank. There are following other options that you might be thinking:

Q. How to Close the Axis Bank Account through Net Banking?

A. Now, if you are thinking that you use Axis Bank Net Banking services so that you were able to perform any activity in your account without going to the Bank so you can close your Axis Bank account through Net Banking, Then you are wrong. None of the banks provide this facility online, including Axis Bank. If you want to close your account, then have to visit your home branch at least once.

Q. How to Close Axis Bank Account with a Negative Balance?

A. If you have neither a salary account nor a zero account in the Axis bank, then you must have to maintain a minimum balance in your account. And if you continuously fail to maintain your minimum balance, then the Bank will mark your account as a negative balance account. Now if you mean t to close your account with negative balance then;

  • You need to visit the home branch of your Bank and request the branch manager to clear all the charges to close the account.
  • Or you may write to customer care about your inability to pay the charges and request to close the account.
  • If your request gets refused, then you have to pay all the charges to close your bank account.

Q. How to Close Axis Bank Account without going to Bank?

A. It is not possible to close your account without going to the Bank. Your presence is compulsory to close your account.

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