How To Close HDFC Bank Account [Guide]

HDFC bank is famous for providing various premium features to their account holders. But, These services don’t come for free! You have to maintain a minimum balance in your account; otherwise, a fine will be deducted automatically from your bank account. If you have your old bank account and you are not using it anymore, Here are some important reasons for why you should immediately close it.

Steps to Close Your HDFC Bank Account

  • Transfer existing funds to your new bank account: The easiest way to do this is by using UPI, Mobile Banking or Net Banking options and do IMPS or Neft. Make sure your current balance should be ‘Zero’ before you close your HDFC savings bank account. 
  • Download HDFC account closure form and take a print out of it. Fill up this form and visit your HDFC bank account branch. Alternatively, You can ask for a Bank account closure form at Bank Reception.
  • Submit this form to the branch executive along with your Debit Card, Passbook, Cheque book and ID proof.
  • Collect acknowledgement slip from the executive and keep it safe. Your HDFC account will be closed within ten working days.

Some of the FAQs related to closing the HDFC Bank Account.

How to delete an HDFC account if the balance is negative?

Process to delete your account in this case is similar. You will need to pay your negative balance at the time of submitting your form. If you can’t afford to pay that balance or you think it is done by mistake you can ask the executive about it, He/She can waive the balance in special cases.

What will happen if I don’t close my account and my balance is in Negative?

Your balance will continue to go on decreasing. This can negatively affect your relationship with the bank. We recommend that you clear your account balance if it is negative.

What to do if the branch is not assisting you while closing your account?

Ask for help from a bank executive if the bank staff is not helping you in closing your bank account. You can alternatively call at a toll-free complaint number 1800 22 1006.

How can I close my bank account if I am living out of station?

You will have to visit your home branch then only you can close your bank account. There are certain formalities to be taken care of and you need to be physically present at the bank.

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