How to Download Telangana GPF Slip Online? : Step By Step Guide

What is GPS (General Provident Fund) Slip

The full form of GPF is a General Provident fund. The salary of the government and some of the private company employees is divided into several components which included Fringe benefits, transportation benefits, Rent benefits, In hand, etc. Similar to mentioned, The Provident fund is also one of the components of the total salary.

The General Provident Fund (GPF) Slip is the slip in which the annual and monthly reports on the amount added in the Provident fund account is written.

The Provident fund is that potion of the salary of the government employee which is deducted from the gross salary of the employee. That deducted portion is submitted to a separately created accounts, GPF account. At the time of retirement, employees get the lump sum amount with some interest.

One should check the GPF Annual slip from time to time to prevent future problems while redeeming the final amount of GBP before retirement.

Note: In the case of an emergency, the number of provident funds can be redeemed. Earlier the employee has to consult the accountant to find out the Provident fund. It was a lengthy and very expensive process that may take up to a month or two. But now it is a game of a couple of clicks. The Telangana government have taken the step to print or view GPF slip online. The complex procedure was made simple by the initiative taken for digital registration.

Note: Different states have different portals for viewing or downloading their GPF Slip. The process for generating the provident fund was:

Process of generating GPF (General Provident Fund) slip online:

Step 1: Open Telangana state website, Telangana cyber treasury or click here.

Step 2: You will be launched on the home page.

Step 3: Scroll down to employee operation.

Step 4: Click GPF account slip.

Step 5: You will get the form.

Step 6: Fill in the login information from your subscription details, if you do not have the subscribe email follow the below-mentioned step.

Step 7: Fill in all the information, information includes:

  • Fill Zilla Praja Paridhad
  • Fill GPF Series code
  • Fill the GPF account number
  • Fill in the password
  • Verify Captcha
  • Press the submit button
  • After submitting the form you will be redirected towards your GPF profile.

Step 8: You can see all the transactions there.

Step 9: You can download the provident fund slip by clicking on the download button.

Step 10: Open your downloads folder.

Step 11: Plaudit on the achievement! your Provident fund slip is downloaded.

Fill the Form by Keeping All the Below Details in Mind:

GPF Series :

Code of Departement. Also given in salary slip. For education it is EDU, for agro it is AG, etc

GPF Account number:

given in salary slip. For education it is EDU, for agro it is AG, etc


GPF account number or GPF account number with date of birth. DD / MM / YYYY

Note: There is a minute and in most cases no difference in the process of generating GPS slips of employees of different states

Who All Are Eligible for General Provident Fund Slip?

The Government employee or the public sector employee should have Citizenship of India. Maintaining the General private sector account is compulsory for a certain salary class of Govt Sector employees. The employees of private companies are not eligible for this account.

What if You Lost Your GPF Account Number?

Employees who have misplaced or forgotten their GPF account information should go to their department office as soon as possible for fast assistance.

The Consulting Account department can help you link your account number to your employee account again. Try to keep it safe afterwards

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