How to Find Canara Bank Customer ID? Ultimate Guide

  1. In this post, We will discuss and know what is Canara bank customer ID and How to know Canara bank customer ID

    Canara Bank is one of the most easily accessible banks in India and is government-owned. It offers various facilities and many transactions can be done from the comforts of the home. For any transaction or online transaction, you will require a Canara Bank customer id. Read this article and know what is Canara Bank customer id and how to find it.

Perquisites for Knowing/Finding the Canara Bank Customer ID

First and foremost, there are a few things that you will require to know your Canara Bank customer id number. Canara bank customer identification number will be unique to every customer and individual of Canara bank. The things that you may require are:

  • Your Canara bank passbook
  • Canara bank Cheque book
  • Canara Bank Welcome Letter
  • Canara Bank Customer Care Number
  • Internet Banking Login Details

How to Find Canara Bank Customer ID?

You can find the Canara Bank Customer ID number by following any of the method and it’s steps given below:

1. How to Get Customer ID of Canara Bank Through Canara Bank Passbook?

  • Open your Canara Bank Passbook.
  • Go to the first page of your Canara Bank Passbook
  • Find your permanent residential address on the first page
  • The customer id for Canara Bank is located just a little below your Canara Bank account number.

2. How to Get Customer ID for Canara Bank Through Cheque Book?

  • Find your cheque book
  • Open the very first page of your cheque book
  • The customer id will be printed on that page. You will also get other necessary bank details of Canara Bank on the first page such as the Canara bank account number, the name of the Canara bank account holder etc.

3. How to Know Canara Bank Customer ID Number From Welcome Letter?

  • Open your Welcome Letter once you receive it.
  • The Canara Bank customer id number will be printed on the first half of the page itself.

4. How to Find Canara Bank Customer Identification Number by Customer Care Number?

  • Open your Phone and go to the call section.
  • Type the 11 digit toll-free Canara Bank Customer Care Number: 18004250018 and press call.
  • An executive will receive your call. Ask the person for your customer id number of Canara Bank
  • You will be asked to give your bank details so that they can be verified. Keep your account holder’s number close to yourself so that you can say it without any mistake. Other details like Account holder name, date of birth, and your registered phone number with the Canara Bank will also be asked.
  • You will get your Canara Bank Customer id number through SMS once all the details are verified.

5. How to Find Canara Bank Customer Identification Number via Internet Banking?

  • First of all, you need to visit the official Canara Bank website login page which is:
  • Enter your Canara Bank Net Banking User ID and Password.
  • Click over Bank Statement from the Menu, and open your Bank Statement.
  • When viewing the Bank Statement you will be able to clearly find out your Customer ID along with the account number.

Things to Remember:

  • Keep your Canara Bank Passbook in a safe space
  • Do not share your Canara Bank Account details with anyone.
  • Always check your Canara bank Account number, Customer id number, and other details when you make a transaction

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