How to Solve “UPI Registration Failed” Issue in BHIM – [Solved]

BHIM App, which stands for Bharat Interface for Money, National Payments Corporation of India, has created this app; it is based n UPI (Unified Payment Interface), which is a payment system method.

Using this, you can send or receive money between two bank accounts by using your Android phone. This is a straightforward and easy way to exchange money, and you can send or receive money from your mobile number as well, and doing this via BHIM is easy peasy.

You only have to download the BHIM app and register your bank account using your mobile. Your mobile number must be linked to your bank account; otherwise, your UPI PIN, and once all things get registered, you are good to go.

However, sometimes it is seen that while creating an account in BHIM app registration often gets failed and shows a message like: “UPI Registration Failed” or “Device binding failed” in case you have been facing this issue then we are here to help you in this article we will be covering how you solve the UPI registration failed error in BHIM app, so let’s cut to the chase and directly come to the article.

How to Solve the “UPI Registration Failed” Issue in BHIM?

Well, there are various methods to solve UPI Registration Failed issue in BHIM app, we have listed some of the best and effective ways below, we hope those may solve your Registration failed problem, so let’s begin the list of solutions.

Solution 1: Change the SIM SLOT and Insert it into Another:

In case your main SIM Card which is associated with the Bank Account is inserted in the 2nd SIM SLOT then I recommend you to insert it into the 1st SIM SLOT because it is seen that SIM SLOT may cause issues sometime, and once you change your SIM Card Slot, don’t forget to “Clear Data” of the BHIM android app, or better Uninstall it and Install once again directly from the play store.

BHIM App Google Play Link

And after doing this, try creating an account again in case, if this still doesn’t solve the issue, then follow up on the solutions given below.

Solution 2: Use Fast Internet Connection

If you are on slow internet connection then you may end up facing errors as the request may get delayed, and you would receive things lately like OTP, PIN things, and due to this, you may end up facing issues like “UPI Registration Failed” so better get a good stable internet connection in order to register flawlessly.

Additional Tip: Try registering for BHIM UPI in Nights, as a lot of people aren’t using the Internet in nights, and also servers might not be busy so there would be only some people like you who would be creating accounts in Nights, so this could help too, and even the Internet connectivity is also too good in nights.

Solution 3: Create Account using Mobile Data Internet instead of Wifi

So when you registering an account in BHIM App then create that Account using Mobile Data Internet and if possible do it using the Internet from the Same SIM you are trying to create Account with, say for example in case you are creating an account for a SIM Card call it: “Jio” then turn on the “Mobile Data” option from the same sim card, means do use the Internet from the Same SIM Card you are trying to create Account with.

It often helps sometime, let’s come to another solution.

Solution 4: Check SIM Card Balance If It Is Enough or Not

So when registering for BHIM UPI you may need to send an SMS, and for sending that SMS balance is required in your phone and in case you don’t have the message won’t get send and as a result of it the registering will get failed, so it is recommended to keep minimum of 5 rupees balance in your SIM Card, in order to send SMS and get things done.

Note: If you use Jio SIM Card or any else that has SMS Pack enable, then you don’t need to worry about having Balance in your SIM Card for sending SMS.

Solution 5: Disable VoLTE Option in your Phone

Generally, it is seen that people who have VoLTE enabled do faces this Bhim UPI registration failed issue and so it is recommended to try once using after disabling the “VoLTE” option from the settings and then reapply for the account creation, and this may surely help.

Solution 6: Give Required Permission:

Initially when you start the BHIM App for the first time it pop-ups and ask for permission in case you haven’t accepted that permission and declined them, then you may face up issue sometimes so do provide all the permissions required by the app you can give permission following the way given below:

Go the Settings > Apps > Select BHIM App > Permissions

From there, Provide access to all the required permissions.

Solution 7: Check if the number Associated with Bank Account

If you are trying to create BHIM APP account then do check if the number you are trying to create is linked with your Bank account in case it is not you may end up facing “UPI Registration Failed issues in BHIM app,” and so it is suggested to make sure your number is linked with your bank account or you can visit the bank branch in order to get your number associated with your Bank Account, and this will help for sure.

This was 7 of the most effective ways to solve the “UPI Registration Failed” issue while creating a BHIM account. I hope this How-To article was informative to do share with someone who is looking for the same solution.

Thank you!

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