ICICI Bank Caps How to Create User ID, Login: Ultimate Guide

In this article, Let’s talk about everything related to ICICI Bank Caps

ICICI Bank is one of India’s big four banks, which has its corporate office located at Mumbai, Maharashtra. ICICI is a big multinational banking corporation with subsidies and branches around the globe. ICICI bank offers various services to people such as banking, financial, etc. In that, one such service is the ICICI CAPS. So what is CAPS? What are its uses? How to use it? Read this article entirely to find out.

What is ICICI Bank CAPS:

CAPS stands for Collection Actives Processing System. It is an app/web-based receipt generation system developed by Nucleus Software, ICICI’s technological partner. They named the site MARC. MARC is a Mobile-Based Automation of Receipts that runs ICICI’s CAPS. Nucleus specially designed MARC to run CAPS. MARC has won the Best lending platform project award in the Asian Banker Technology Implementation Awards 2014.

Uses of ICICI Bank CAPS

With the world moving towards a paperless society, ICICI tries to keep up with it by introducing CAPS. CAPS is a fully online environment where the user does not need any receipt or documents to do his work. With this system, the user can complete his/her payments anywhere and anytime. Since this is an entirely paperless environment, the user will be updated with all the transaction details after successful payment. It automatically generates the bills and sends it as an SMS or Mail.

Now, how cool is that? This procedure helps users finish their payments in the comfort of their homes, and they don’t need to involve or go to banks to do it manually. This system also delivers accurate information and detail of the payment, which the user can check at any time.

How to Create USER ID for ICICI Bank CAPS

Now before you log in, you need a User ID. Follow these simple steps to create one:

  • Open your browser and search for ICICI CAPS official website(<WL 130>) or you can directly visit their officai website by clicking over this: caps.icicibank.com/finnsso.
  • Click on “Unlock user ID” below the Login option on the right.
  • Fill User ID, Mobile Number, Email, and other necessary details.
  • Click submit and follow through.

How to Login ICICI Bank CAPS

Now that you have created a user ID, you are all set to login. To login:

  • Again, open your browser and search for ICICI CAPS official website.
  • Now, enter your USER ID and PASSWORD.
  • Click login, and you are in.

How to retrieve a forgotten password in ICICI CAPS:

  • Open your browser and search for ICICI CAPS official website.
  • Below the login option, on the left Select RESET password option.
  • Fill the answers for USER ID, Mobile No, and Email.
  • Then you will receive an SMS/Mail from ICICI with the necessary details to renew your password.
  • With that, you can retrieve your account.

With all the details provided here, you can create, login, and retrieve your account quickly. If you still face any trouble, visit ICICI’s official website or call ICICI’s customer care at 18601207777.

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