ICICI Credit Card Bill Pay Online Billdesk : Full Guide

Do you hold a ICICI credit card? then, this article talks about ICICI credit card bill pay. Read on!

ICICI Bank is one of the largest banks in the industry. ICICI has a variety of services, such as non-life insurance services, investment, banking services, and many more. Among them, choosing an ICICI Bank Credit Card is always a wise decision as it can unlock various offers, deals, cashback, and even discounts. Sometimes there are many offers that are solely exclusive for ICICI Bank Credit card.

The ICICI bank has many branches in the country and operates outside the Indian boundaries in the other 17 countries. It is always better to pay bills paying the bill before the due date as it can prevent the customers from the extra burden of hefty fines.  Customers can use net banking, mobile banking, and auto-debit modes, together known as ICICI credit card bill pay bill desk to pay for pending bill anytime.

Things You Need for ICICI Credit Card Payment Bill Desk:

  • A stable internet connection (if you are registering online)
  • Your ICICI Bank Credit Card (for providing card details)
  • Use registered number for calling ICICI Credit Card Customer Service (Activation through Phone Number)
  • ICICI Bank Debit Card (if visiting ATM for ICICIbankcreditcardpayment)
  • ICICI bank mobile app ( for those who use ICICI credit bill payment with the app)
  • If you are doing a payment with ICICI credit card bill desk (bill desk ICICI), the payment might take 3-5 working days to process. The portal will send an email about your billdesk ICICI credit card payment to the registered email address.

All set? Now let’s look at all the ways with which you can ICICI bank credit card payment billdesk:

Billdesk ICICI: ICICI Bank Credit Card Bill Pay:

Below are the ways, where we mention you about paying ICICI Credit Card. This will be easy and help you to do payment for ICICI Bank Credit Card payment without any hassles.

1. ICICI Credit Card Bill Pay Through ICICI Net Banking:

ICICI credit card payment using netbanking (ICICI net banking credit card payment) by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official ICICI net banking page. icicibank.com/online-services/clicktopay/index.page?#toptitle
  2. Enter the customer ID and password to login to the website. You can also use your Phone number to log in, for this:
    • Enter your registered phone number
    • Enter your ATM pin
    • You will be receiving an OTP
    • provide the OTP to continue
  3. On the next page click on the credit cards button.
  4. Now select the cards which you want to pay bills for from the options.
  5. Select the pay now tab.
  6. After this, from the ICICI credit card payment desk, click on the saving/current account from which you need the payment to be done.
  7. Chose the amount to deposit from the amount due.
  8. Now you can pay the bill.

2. ICICI Credit Card Bill Pay through Billdesk (ICICI Bank Bill Desk)

You can also make ICICI credit card payments through billdesk method. We will help you with Step by step of click to pay ICICI bank bill desk method:

  1. Visit the ICICI credit card online payment billdesk
  2. Fill in the credit card details and provide the registered email ID.
  3. Provide the amount to pay ICICI credit card bill billdesk
  4. Select the bank from which you want to make the payment.
  5. TheICICI billdesk click to pay system will lead you to the selected bank net banking service portal.
  6. Now login to the portal using your official credentials for ICICI credit card payment status.
  7. The payment will be sent after providing the OTP received.

Do Note That, any ICICIbank.com credit card payment done with the ICICI credit card bill payment online billdesk might take 3-5 working days to process. The billdesk ICICI credit card payment online portal will send an email of the credit card bill payment to the registered email address, once the ICICI credit bill payment becomes successful.

3. ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment Through Debit Card

you can do your ICICI credit bill payment by using ICICI Bank Debit Card by following these easy and simple steps:

  • Visit the nearest ICICI Bank ATM to pay ICICI credit card bill through debit card.
  • Swipe the ICICI bank debit card at the ATM lobby.
  • On the menu, select more options.
  • Click on pay credit card bills.
  • Provide the amount to pay and proceed to make the payment.

The amount to pay will be debited from the amount in your account (saving/current) account.

4. How to Pay ICICI Credit Card Payment With ICICI Bank Mobile App

The customers can also make credit card payments using the mobile app with the steps below:

  1. Log on to the mobile app page for ICICI credit card bill online payment.
  2. Go to the cards option on the menu.
  3. Select the card to pay
  4. Click to pay ICICI credit card bill.
  5. Select the account from which the online ICICI credit card bill payment will be made.
  6. Proceed and choose the amount to pay
  7. Lastly, make the ICICIcardpayment.

5.How to Set Auto Debit Card for ICICI Bank Card Payment Online

  1. Customers can also opt for an auto-debit to pay for their ICICI bank card payment online.
  2. For this, the cardholder needs to submit a mandate form to the bank
  3. Customers can also register for the auto-debit process through the net banking service.
  4. After registration, the auto-debit process is enabled at your savings account to help make the ICICI cc bill payment.
  5. The account holder can set the amount to pay either a minimum or total amount according to the saving account funds for ICICI Bank credit card payment online automatically.
  6. The payment will be done automatically on the due date

6. ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment Call to Pay

Alongside the different ways to pay, ICICI bank has provided an option for the call to pay service. You can follow these steps for ICICI Bank Credit Card payment phone number:

  1. Call the ICICI customer care number 1860 120 7777
  2. You will be answered by the IVRS machine
  3. Follow all the instructions provided by the machine from the other side.
  4. You will be once notified when all the steps are completed

7. Visit Any Nearest ICICI Bank Branch

The bank also allows credit card payment using the offline method of visiting the bank:

  1. Visit the nearest ICICI Bank Branch.
  2. You can make payments by giving cash and cheque.
  3. The amount will be credited on the same day.
  4. The bank will charge a small fee for the same.

8.ICICI Credit Card Online Payment Through Other Banks Debit Card

You can do the ICICI credit card payment from another bank debit card. The process will be different for each bank.
  1. Visit the net banking website portal of the particular bank from which you want to do your online ICICI bank credit card payment.
  2. On the payment section, add a biller, enter the ICICI bank credit card details in the biller section to proceed.
  3. You will be notified once the process is completed

9.ICICI Bank Credit Card Neft Payment

  • Go to the ICICI net banking online facility and log in.
  • Go to the NEFT payment option
  • Add your ICICI bank credit card number
  • Now enter the ICICI card IFSC code ICIC0000103 to make the payment.

10.Pay ICICI Credit Card Bill Online Using Rtgs and Ifsc Code

The service is eligible for customers whose ICICI card is added as a beneficiary in the respective bank. The customer should add the credit card to the list of beneficiaries. You can follow these steps below to solve doubts on how to add beneficiary in ICICI:

First, log in to your bank net banking portal for starting ICICI Creditcard payment
Go to the fund transfer page
Click on add beneficiary to help in fund transfer.
You will be required to enter the following details:

  • The Beneficiary name
  • The beneficiary bank name (ICICI bank)
  • The transaction code (52)
  • The beneficiary account number is the credit card number.
  • ICICI bank credit card bill payment IFSC code is ICIC0000103

The card will automatically be added to the beneficiary list within one hour.

11. Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card Bill via the Visa Money Transfer

ICICI Bank customers can use the visa money transfer to pay for their bills. The process depends on the bank to avail of the service. The bank credits your account with three working days.

12. ICICI Bank Credit Card Payment Upi

  1. Open the icic bank online mobile application from your phone.
  2. Select the payment option.
  3. Select the UPI payment and click on the send money.
  4. Key in the amount and click pay.
  5. You will be notified once the payment is completed.

ICICI Bank Helpline:

  • Website: ICICIbank.com/customer-care.page
  • Phone Number: 1860 120 7777
  • Postal Address: ICICI Bank Limited
    ICICI Phone Banking Center, ICICI Bank Tower, 7th floor, Survey no: 115/27, Plot no. 12, Nanakramguda, Serilingampally,
    Hyderabad – 500032.


If you have any doubts regarding the credit card payment ICICI, please try to go through the article once again. As it may clear many uncleared doubts.  Else you can get the help of the ICICI Bank Credit Card Helpline provided above if you wanted.

Thank you for reading the whole article.

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