How to Download & Fill IDBI RTGS Form : [Ultimate Guide]

Let’s see how to download IDBI RTGS form in this article, Read on!

RTGS, also known as Real Time Gross Settlement, is an Electronic Fund Transfer System Which Enables Secure and Fast Transfer of Fund from one Bank to Another. Like most modern Banks. IDBI has also introduced IDBI RTGS. By this, IDBI Customers can use RTGS form IDBI bank to Transfer Their Fund in a Fast and Efficient Way.

If you don’t know then, RTGS Service is applicable for Large Transactions. With the IDBI bank RTGS form, the Customer can Transfer through RTGS up to 2 Lakh INR. Customers are required to have RTGS form IDBI bank. You Have to Be Careful While Filling All the Details in Your IDBI bank forms.

You can either download the IDBI RTGS Form, or IDBI customers can access them From The Nearest IDBI Bank. We will help you fill up RTGS and clear all your doubts regarding IDBI bank fund transfer.

Benefits of Using RTGS Facilities

  • RTGS Is a Safe and Secure Way of transferring The Fund.
  • The RTGS Service is Available all Day, Including the Saturdays.
  • The fund is Transferred in Real-time to Beneficiary Account.
  • No Need for Demand Drafts or Physical Cheque in RTGS.
  • Form PDF Can Easily Be Downloaded.

Difference Between NEFT and RTGS

Naturally, customers may have doubts regarding NEFT against RTGS. We will help you with IDBI NEFT And RTGS. NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) is an Electronic fund Transfer System Where all the Transactions are Processed in Batches. Whereas In RTGS, All the Transactions are Processed Continuously throughout the Working Hour of RTGS.

For Fund Transfer through RTGS Both the Bank Needs to Be RTGS Enabled. To date, There are More than 140000 RTGS Enabled Banks in India, which keeps expanding.

How to Download IDBI RTGS Form PDF?

In order to download the IDBI RTGS Form all you need to do is to click over the download button given and in few seconds IDBI RTGS form will get downloaded.

Download Form

How to Fill the IDBI RTGS Form? (IDBI RTGS Form Fill Guide)

Your IDBI RTGS Form is Divided into Two Different Parts: The Part which is to be filled by the customer and the other from the bank. Your Bank will fill this:

  • Fill in the  Beneficiary Name, Address & Account Number.
  • Enter Beneficiary Bank Account Type, Beneficiary Bank, IFSC Code, and the Amount to Be Transferred.
  • Provide Applicant Details such as Name of the applicant, PAN No, Address, Phone Number & Purpose of Remittance.
  • Sign Your RTGS Form after filling up all of the required details and submit it to Bank.
  • IDBI Bank will Provides You with an Acknowledgement Slip, with which the customer can Rase a Complaint in Case of the fund in Not transferred to the Beneficiary Account.

IDBI Bank Helpline


If you have doubts regarding the IDBI Bank RTGS form, please try to go through the article once again. You can also get help from IDBI Bank Helpline provided above. Make sure never to share your IDBI mobile, internet banking passwords, or your pin with anyone. Also, keep in mind to Never save your password and username on any merchant’s sites.

Be aware of the fraud calls, which try to know your pin, password, username, etc. Keep in mind that The IDBI Bank RTGS will only take place As per RBI guidelines. This includes that the Money transfer service should only place within the Schedule time. Timings for IDBI Bank RTGS are from 9:00 AM to 4:15 PM for Weekdays and will be from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM for the rest of the days.

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