How to Get Your LIC Premium Receipt Through Official Website of LIC? : Full Guide

Before diving in to the process of understanding how and what LIC premium is and what one should do to get their paid premium receipts online, its important to understand where it comes from and its importance. What is premium and why do we need to take these receipts?

What is the idea of Insurance?

In the most bookish language we could say, Insurance is a financial wheel which is moving and rolling spreading the risk. By taking the risk from an individual and spreading it around the community, the individual is able to go about their business and personal lives without ramming into the financial loss.

In the simplest terms, Lets have a look at these two people. One’s name is Bob and other is Jack. Bob says to Jack that he will give him 10 dollars, but if he looses his cell phone, Jack has to buy him a new one. Here if Jack agrees to the deal, then that’s insurance right there!

Usually Insurance companies evaluate the risk and decide whether it is worth the gamble. That’s how they make money.

Here in the above example, Jack believes that Bob probably won’t loose his cell phone and hence he himself will be 10 dollars richer. Now if Jack finds 100 more such people who are willing to give him 10 dollars each to cover their cell phones, he will have 100 dollars.

If one those 100 people looses his/her cell phone, Jack has to pay 100 dollars as compensation, he will still be with 900 dollars. This insurance idea has been floating around since the ancient Chinese and the Babylonians spreading their shipping risks.

What is premium in insurance?

When there is insurance, there is a specific premium for it. In a nutshell, its a fixed amount which was decided while taking up the insurance policy. Premium is to be paid periodically (monthly/yearly) by the insured individual to maintain and keep their insurance coverage going on.

Premiums comes in different size and shape according to individual’s capacity to pay.

Regular Premium :

Regular Premium is exactly what the definition for the premium is. Its the amount paid to the insurance company periodically. Usually the payment is done monthly or yearly according to insured person’s comfort. Regular premium is what usually majority of people afford.

Single Premium policy :

In single premium policy, lump sum amount of premium is paid all at once, rather than keeping a record and paying it yearly, quarterly or monthly. The minimum and the maximum sum assured is already decided. It usually ranges between 1.1 times the single premium. In a way, single premium might be an easier option for some as all the premium is paid at once without worrying to pay the next one. While it might be a hard option for people who cannot afford a lot money to give on premium as single premium is way too high in comparison to regular premium.

Online Receipt Of LIC Premium :

LIC is one of the trusted, oldest and a common Insurance Company. Its one of those reliable company where people don’t need to think much before investing their money. It has benefits of many Health, life and vehicle policies. You can get your online premium receipts through the official website of LIC, also through the services of Paytm and PhonePe etc.

You could also get a consolidated certificate from your branch instead of the receipt if you wish. Sometimes when you pay you premium online you might not get the receipt mailed to you due to technical glitches at the server. You may contact your agent or the branch for the same

If you make a online payment it generate automatically and it you paid the premium in LIC Office they will give it immediately or if paid through agent they have to provide it to you.

How to get your LIC Premium receipt through official Website Of LIC?

Follow the steps given below to generate your paid premium receipt:

  • Visit the Official Website of LIC at
  • On the left hand side of the screen, a box will appear showcasing online services.
  • There you will see an option “Customer Portal”.
  • A customer Portal will open up displaying two options, Registered and Non – Registered.
  • Click on Registered.
  • A new page will open up.
  • Enter your Username/Email/Phone number
  • After inserting your date of Birth and password, click on “Sign in”.
  • Once you are logged in, you will see a box on the left side of the window, with “Individual Policy Details” written on it.

How to Pay your LIC insurance premium through Paytm :

You can pay your LIC premium online through Paytm, get the premium receipt right away. Make sure you have the Paytm app downloaded from the App Store.

  • On opening the Paytm app, the home page will appear will appear which various icons.
  • Click on ‘more’.
  • Then you will find various options, choose LIC.
  • A box will appear asking for LIC policy number.
  • On entering the policy number, click on ‘Get Premium’.
  • Your Customer name, due date, number of installments and Premium to be paid will show up
  • After entering the Premium amount which is to be paid, click on ‘Proceed to Pay’.
  • Then a option will come, ‘Promocode’. If you apply for promocode, you might get some cashback. NOTE : You will not get cashback every time, only when the promocode is available.
  • After clicking on it, select any of the promocode available, then click on ‘proceed to pay’.
  • The screen will now show different payment options.
  • If you prefer to pay with debit card, then select the debit card option. (NOTE: if you prefer credit card, then you will have to pay extra charges)
  • After entering your debit card details, click on ‘Pay’.
  • An OTP will be sent on your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP and Click on submit.
  • That’s it, your payment of policy premium is successfully done.

How to Get your LIC Premium Receipt from Paytm?

  • Once the payment is successfully done, Click on “My Order”.
  • Then click on “Recharge & Bills”
  • A page will appear with all your previous payments details, click the one you want to take receipt of.
  • Your receipt will appear with all details.
  • On the bottom, click on Download button, to get your receipt.

What to do when your LIC Premium Amount is lapsed?

If your Premium Payment for LIC is lapsed, it cannot be paid online. Because such policies requires medical tests and other required details and stuff. If the payment delayed by 5month and 29 days will be stated as lapsed. The policy holder should timely reach his/her LIC branch for further procedure, and to pay the due amounts. It is necessary to get it done as to activate the ongoing insurance policy.

In many cases, if you using online portals Amazon, official website of LIC, PhonePe, Paytm or any other online platform for payment, you will have a direct option to download the LIC paid premium receipt online. Receipt should be collected or download in pdf format.  For the policyholder it is important to have their paid receipt with them, as they are an evidence for payment done.  It might be useful in the case of data manipulation by any means. So having a receipt for payment done, will be a safer option.

What to do when you lost your LIC premium receipt?

That’s not a big problem, it is not necessary to keep the Receipt of any paid premium, As all are well recorded with LIC. On the working day, pay a visit to your LIC Branch office and ask for your premium paid certificate, they will easily provide you. Also you can get a duplicate copy of the same through your insurance agent or by logging online via your policy details.

Can we download the receipt of LIC premium which was paid offline?

Yes, you can download receipt for your premium which was paid offline as well from your online portal. If you do not have portal create it by yourself in LIC website.

If you have already registered in the portal, then you can login to your account to make the payment or else you need to register yourself first by click on “New User“, and follow the steps given on the site.

Contact Details Of LIC Office :

Official Website of LIC :

Contact no : +91-9222492224

Email ID :

Hoping you have briefly understood how to get your pay your LIC premium online and Download the premium receipts right away.

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