List of National Stock Exchange India Holidays 2022

Stock exchanges are the intermediaries between the buyers and the sellers of Stock. The primary and secondary stocks are traded on the Stock Exchange. In India, there are many stock exchanges but only 9 are recognised by SEBI.

Some of the well-known stock exchanges are the Bombay stock exchange (BSE), National Stock exchange (NSE), Indian International (Indian INX) Exchange, Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE), Banglore Stock Exchange (BSE),  Cochin Stock Exchange (ChSE), etc.  Out of these all stock exchanges, the most trustworthy is BSE  and NSE as they are the eldest amongst all.

National Stock Exchange is popularly known as NSE. It was established in 1992 after seeing the hike of fraud in Investments. NSE was the First Indian Stock exchange to promote dematerialization. It has a fully automated and screen-based System. The current Chairperson of NSE is Vikram Limaye.



Knowing about the timing of trade and the holidays in NSE is important whether you are a trader, broker, investment banker or employee in NSE.


The stock exchange trades in 2 Shift. The morning shift is one, while the evening shift is another.

Morning Shift is between 9.15 AM to 3.30 PM

Evening trading is done between 5 PM to 11: 30 PM


If you have an interest in the National Stock exchange then you might know that Sunday and Saturday is a trade-off. Five day work system is followed. All the trade and work is done from 9:30 AM, Monday to 11:30 PM on Friday.  Other holidays are the same as in the case of other government organisations, i.e. the rest of the holidays are bank holidays.

S. No. Date Day NSE Trading Holidays 2022
1 January 26, 2022 Wednesday Republic day
2 March 01, 2022 Tuesday Mahashivratri Day
3 March 18, 2022 Friday Holi
4 April 14, 2022 Thursday Dr, Baba Saheb Ambedkar Jayanti/Mahavir Jayanti
5 April 15, 2022 Friday Good Friday
6 May 03, 2022 Tuesday Id-ul-Fltr (Ramzan Eid)
7 August 09, 2022 Tuesday Muharram
8 August 15, 2022 Monday Independence Day
9 August 31, 2022 Wednesday Ganesh Chaturthi
10 October 05, 2022 Wednesday Dussehra
11 October 24, 2022 Monday Diwali (Laxmi Pujan)
12 October 25, 2022 Tuesday Diwali BaliPartipada
13 November 8, 2022 Tuesday Gurunanak Jayanti

Holidays facing on Saturdays and Sundays are excluded from the lists.


Holidays that coincides with Saturday and Sundays 

S. No. Date Day Holidays
1 April 10, 2022 Sunday Ram Navami
2 May 01, 2022 Sunday Maharashtra Day
3 July 10, 2022 Sunday Id-al-Adha (Bakri-Id)
4 October 02, 2022 Sunday Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti
5 November 19, 2022 Saturday Guru Nanak Jayanti
6 December 25, 2022 Sunday Christmas

The above two list includes all the holidays in National Stock Exchange. In 2022, in total there will be 117 holidays. These are the known holidays. In the case of an emergency and Strikes, the trading may be stopped. Depends on the order of higher authorities.

Note:- All of the holidays noted above are based on observed data rather than the actual day. For example, if Christmas occurs on a weekend, many stock exchanges will close on the Friday before or Monday after the holiday. When a holiday falls on a weekend or a holiday weekend, the exchange may close for several days or have modified hours instead of completely closing.

Types of Holidays in NSE:

There are many kinds of holidays on the National Stock Exchange:

  • Trading Holidays: Trading holidays are typical holidays stated where no trading would take place, and this corresponds with the majority of the bank holidays published.
  • Clearing Holidays: The clearing holidays are another set of holidays that are pre-announced by the NSE and include ordinary holidays as well.
  • Muhurat Trading Holidays: Muhurat trading happens on specific trading days that are declared, however, if there is a holiday on such a trading day, the NSE will make a statement about it ahead of time.
  • Commodity Trade Holidays: This set of holidays corresponds with the majority of bank holidays, however, commodity trading is generally closed.


NSE Contact Details:

You can raise your query in the following support staff of NSE

  • Email:
  • Tel: +91-11-4100-8346/7/8

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