PNB Net Banking : How to Register, Login & Full Guide

In this article, We will be explaining all the details related to PNB net banking, Read on, to know more.

Punjab National Bank, known as PNB, is India’s oldest and one of India’s most popular banks. As an Initiative to move more digitally, as it gives the bank’s customers more convenience, PNB introduced the PNB net banking.

By this, the customers can access this online platform, which will allow them to access many of the banking services as account details, online transactions-withdraw and deposit of cash, and balance checking. The service is open to registered customers only.

This service can be accessed very easily if you have a good internet connection. The biggest benefit of this service is that customers need not visit the bank for accessing the PNB’s banking services.

It is quite natural if you have any doubts regarding PNB Net Banking. We are here to help you clear all of your doubts and make your PNB Net Banking experience very great.

Benefits & Services by PNB Net Banking

PNB customers can access different services from the banking portal. Financial transactions are carried out anywhere, anytime, without visiting the branch.

Financial Services

    • Opening bank account such as fixed deposit and recurring deposit accounts.
    • Closing an FD account
    • Opening of PPF account

Service Bill Payments

    • Electricity bill
    • Telephone bill
    • Investment plans

Account Information

    • Checking balance
    • Get access to bank account statements.
    • Avail Transaction history
    • Cheque services and status details.

Offline Service Request

Customers can also ask for offline services from the net banking portal.

Steps To Register On PNB Net Banking

Both corporate and retail customers can access the PNB Net Banking services. We will show you both the ways. Follow the steps we have mentioned here:

Things To Note:

  • After registering your PNB retail login, do note down your login details so that you won’t forget them later when needed.
  • Users created online will be activated immediately.
  • Download PNB-1212 from the form from the internet banking page (For Corporate Customers)
  • The user ID and customer ID are the same. (note this when you are logging in)
  • Corporate users can’t use the IMPS option on the portal for fund transfers (More on that later)
  • The bank has transaction limit charges for every transfer according to time and amount.

Registration Methods:

This step will Include all the Methods to Activate pnbnetbanking retail. Following are the methods:

  • Register PNB Retail Net Banking Online
  • Register PNB Net Banking through PNB call center
  • Register PNB Net Banking through ATM
  • Register PNB Net Banking Through branch (For Corporate Users)

1. Register PNB Net Banking Online for Retail Users:

  1. Visit the PNB netbanking login portal:
  2. Click on Retail to select User New User.
  3. from That, You can select Internet Banking/Mobile Banking/Both. (As the steps for mobile banking is also the same)
  4. You will be required to enter Account Number
  5. After that, select “Type of Facility.”
  6. You will receive an OTP from the Bank servers. You will need this later.
  7. Enter the OTP (One Time Password) which you received on your registered Mobile Number.
  8. Enter your Debit Card Number.
  9. Next, enter your ATM PIN.
  10. In this step, you can set Login or/and Transaction passwords.
  11. Message for successful registration will be displayed on the screen after completing the steps.

2. Register PNB Net Banking Through PNB Call Center

  1. Call the PNB Net Banking number 1800 103 2222/ 1800 180 2222 (Toll-Free) and 0120- 2490000 (Non-Toll Free)
  2. Follow the instructions from the other side carefully.
  3. DO provide the information asked from the other side
  4. Once completed, you will be notified that your PNB Net banking has been activated successfully.

3.Register PNB Net Banking Through ATM

You can easily Activate your PNB Net Banking by visiting your nearest PNB ATM. Don’t forget to carry your PNB ATM Card.

4. Register PNB Net Banking for Corporate Users

For its corporate users, PNB has a different process. The corporate customers have to activate or register their PNB net banking by visiting their nearest bank branch. The user should need to carry their PNB-1212 form to submit it to the bank. The bank will provide the corporate ID, administrator ID, and password.

The corporate ID is the same as the Admin user and all corporate and other users. The administrator helps different banking activities, such as the completion of transactions and creating other users.

Steps to Login for Retail Customers

  1. Visit the official website:
  2. Select Retail Internet Banking
  3. Provide your user ID, then select the continue button.
  4. Enter the login password and click the login tab.
  5. Agree and continue to the terms and conditions
  6. You will be receiving an OTP to your registered mobile number. Provide the OTP, then submit.
  7. Select seven security questions from the pool. And click on the “register” tab.
  8. After completing the steps, you will be entered into the page.

Steps for Corporate Users PNB Net Banking Login

  1. Go to the PNB net banking page:
  2. The corporate admin will also enter their corporate ID, admin user ID, and password to log in. The other users have to use their user ID and login password.
  3. The system will send an OTP to the admin registered mobile number.
  4. Provide the OTP to the system to continue.
  5. Now select seven security questions out of the 50, then enter your phrases from the image.
  6. After completing all these steps, you will be landing in the PNB Net banking for Corporate users.

Money Transfer Through the PNB Net Banking Portal

Customers can transfer their funds across any accounts from anywhere in the country. You are not required to visit your PNB branch for this; instead, you can do this where you are currently. Here we will show you all the steps and methods for:

Transfer Money to Your Account:

For Both Retail and Corporate PNB Users.

  1. Visit the official PNB net banking website.
  2. Select the transaction tab and then own accounts.
  3. Select the account from where the amount will be transferred and to where it should be deposited.
  4. Enter the amount, then click on the “Continue” button.
  5. Provide your password and click on the submit button.
  6. You have completed the transition.

Transferring Funds to a Different Account

  1. Visit the official PNB net banking website.
  2. Select the transaction tab and then within PNB
  3. Select the account from where the amount will be transferred and to where it should be deposited.
  4. Now enter the amount to transfer.
  5. The system will set a current date by default. You can change and add a transaction date in case of future payments.
  6. You can use this portal to complete transactions several times.
  7. Click on the continue button.
  8. Provide your password and click on the submit button.

How to Transfer to other bank accounts using NEFT/RTGS/IMPS.

Retail Users

  1. Visit the official PNB net banking website.
  2. Select the transaction tab and NEFT/RTGS/IMPS button.
  3. Select the account from where the amount will be transferred and to where it should be deposited (Do remember that you need to add Beneficiary before all this)
  4. Enter the amount to transfer.
  5. Enter the date of transfer; the time will be by default. The current date will be the transaction date in the system.
  6. Select the frequency of transaction and press the continue button.
  7. Provide your password and click on the submit button.

Corporate Users

Unfortunately, corporate users are limited to transfer funds through the NEFT/RTGS platforms. ALL of the Steps are the same as those of Retail Users.

Steps on How to Do Credit Card Bill Payments on the PNB Net Banking Portal

  • Link the card for the process to take effect.
  • The portal also can do an auto-debit facility where they can credit card bills quickly.
  • Customers can pay different types of credit card bills using the NEFT facility.
  • Enter the credit card number as your account number and IFSC code.

PNB Helpline:


If you have any doubts regarding the PNB online banking, please try to go through the article once again as it may clear many doubts. You can also get the help of the PNB Helpline provided above if you wanted. Make sure never to share your PNB Net Banking/ PNB Mobile Banking password or your pin with anyone.

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