SBI Balance Check: Complete Guide

SBI balance check guide

Account-holders at SBI can check their account balance in several ways. You can have a SBI balance check using the toll-free number, SBI Quick, SMS Banking, Net Banking, ATM, Mobile Banking, etc.

At the same time, SBI account holders can get their SBI balance check using the SMS option as well. You can also request a mini-statement using the SMS Banking option.

SBI customers need to an SMS or give a missed call from the registered mobile number on the specified SBI balance enquiry toll-free number. Within a few minutes, users will receive their bank account details on their devices.

–> To do the SBI balance check, SBI account holders should give a missed call on the toll-free number listed below:
Toll-free Number: 09223766666

–> SMS Format: “BAL” to 09223766666

–> Use the missed call service to receive the mini statement. Call on this number:
Mini Statement: 09223866666

–> SMS Format: “MSTMT” to 09223866666

You can also try several other methods to do SBI balance check. The alternate ways include:

• Net Banking
• SMS Banking
• Passbook
• SBI Card Balance Enquiry
• Missed Call Banking
• Mobile Banking using SBI Mobile Apps
– SBI Online
– SBI Quick
– SBI Anywhere Saral

1. SBI balance check via SBI Net Banking

Account-holders at SBI who have registered themselves for net banking can avail this option to do SBI balance check. You need to use your SBI login ID along with the password to access the net banking option. With net banking, you get access to a whole lot of services that comprise a balance enquiry, mortgage loans, home loans, personal loans, funds transfer to name a few.

2. SBI balance check via SBI ATM

SBI account holders can use their ATM or debit card issued by the bank to check their account balance. For this procedure, you will need to visit an SBI ATM and follow the steps below:

– Enter the ATM cum debit card into the ATM.
– Enter the required details like the ATM pin.
– Select the “Balance Enquiry” option.
– Now you can view the account balance.
– End the transaction

You can also check the last 10 transactions in your account by using the “Mini Statement” option. The ATM will print a receipt that will list out the last 10 transactions done on your account. At the same time, SBI account holders can also visit non-SBI banks to check their account balances.

It is important to note that the RBI has set a limited amount of free transactions per ATM card. Thus, balance enquiry is also a transaction. After you have exhausted your free transactions, you will need to pay the transaction fee that you carry out that month. Furthermore, these transactions include both SBI and non-SBI banks.

Thus, it is best to do SBI balance check using the online method. This saves your time and effort. Also, it is convenient as well. It is advised that you use the ATM services only for cash withdrawal.

3. SMS Banking

SBI users can register themselves for SMS banking wherein they can do the SBI balance check. Once you are registered for SMS banking, you can then proceed to check the balance using the format mentioned below.

–> REG<space>Account Number to 09223488888

You will receive a confirmation message from SBI upon registration. Now, you can use the service to check the balance, mini statement, e-statement, chequebook request, home loan interest certificate, education loan interest certificate.

4. SBI Passbook

• When you open an account with SBI, you receive the passbook from the bank.
• As a user, you need to make sure that the passbook is updated at all times so that they list out all transactions made from time to time.
• Users can use their passbooks to get access to their SBI balance check. Also, they can view the different transactions made by them.
• However, make sure that you will need to visit the bank branch to get the passbook updated.
• This method of balance checks are available for people who aren’t interested or tech-savvy to use internet banking or net banking options.

5. SBI Card Balance Enquiry

For SBI credit card users, you can check the SBI balance check and other details using the SMS service. You can easily send an SMS to the number 5676791 in the format given below.

–> Balance Check: BAL XXXX to 5676791
–> Last Payment Status: PAYMENT XXXX to 5676791
–> Available Credit & Cash Limit: AVAIL XXXX to 5676791

6. Missed Call Banking

To avail of the missed call banking service, you will first need to register your mobile number for the same. It is a one-time process. Here is the SMS format that you need to follow: REG<SPACE>Account Number’ to 09223488888. You will receive a confirmation message from the bank stating that the service has been activated.

7. SBI balance check via SBI Mobile Banking


SBI account holders can download the SBI YONO app on the phone. Log into the application and you have access to a variety of features like SBI balance check, mini statements, funds transfers and so much more.

– SBI Online

SBI users can easily use the SBI Online option on their phone to get access to a variety of features like fund transfers, balance checks, transactions and more. It has an interface that is similar to the desktop website. All you need to do is enter the credentials and use the facilities.

– SBI Anywhere Saral

This service is especially for SBI corporate internet banking users. These users can use this application to check the balance. However, do make a note that retail SBI users cannot use this facility.

The Bottom Line

If you are an SBI customer, then we hope we have cleared all of your queries regarding the SBI balance check. With so many options, you can easily use any one of these to get your balance check done. However, the most convenient way to check the account balance is to either use the net banking option.

Else, you can also use the mobile banking method to check the SBI balance instantly on your phone. Do let us know how you liked this article. If you have any more queries, then make sure you write to us. We love to hear from our lovely readers!

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