SBI Credit Card Statement Password – A Comprehensive Guide

Let’s walk you through SBI Credit card statement password

State Bank of India is one of the largest government banks of India and is also one of the most opted banks by customers throughout India. SBI offers multiple facilities to its customers be it online or offline. SBI provides its customers with online services that are quite hassle free. With each day SBI is gaining popularity and stands as a banking giant in the whole country.

Each bank provides credit and debit cards. Similarly State Bank of India too provides its customers with the facility of using credit cards for their customer’s benefits. There are a wide variety and range of credit cards that SBI offers. State Bank of India sends credit card statements over email to every customer after the bill is generated. However if you want to view your SBI credit card statement, you have to type the password since the statement that you receive is password protected.

If you have a SBI credit card, then read the article to know more. We will also guide you on how to open an old SBI card E-statement.

What Is the SBI Credit Card Statement Password?

SBI has a certain format to view its SBI Card statement as a PDF file. If you only type the correct format then you can view and download your SBI credit card e-statement as a PDF file.

You must also note that SBI often updates this format at various times. You can also find the note about the update in the mail you are sent which is attached with the monthly statement.

Latest Format for SBI Credit Card Statement Password

The latest and newest format for the password is as follows-

The first 8 digits will contain your date of birth in the DDMMYYYY format and the remaining 4 digits will be your SBI credit card’s last 4 digits.

How to Download SBI Credit Card Statement?

To download your SBI credit card statement you have to visit the SBI card website or SBI Card App. From there you can directly download it as a pdf file. Also note that if you are downloading a PDF file from the app for SBI Card or its website, it won’t require any password.

Things To Take Care of While Receiving Your SBI Credit Card E Statement Password

  • The first precaution you must follow is not to share the password with anyone else.
  • SBI E-Card statement should always be downloaded from its website or app. Never open any spam or suspicious mail asking you to download it.
  • Your Debit Card credentials should always be kept to you. You must never share your Debit card number or your PIN number with anyone else or over call if someone asks you to do so.


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