Telangana State E-Challan – All You Need to Know – [Guide]

As the country is headed towards becoming a cashless economy, many online platforms providing safer and easier online payment options. With cashless transactions becoming new flourishing modern trend, the traffic police of Telangana is also adopting the latest technology to collect fines from the defaulters.

What do we mean by e-challan?

An e-challan is an electronically generated challan, that is issued with the help of Electronic Challan System. E-challan is a step initiated by the Government of India with a thought and aim to upgrade its services and ensure transparency in traffic rules and regulations.

When a person violates any traffic rule, an e-challan is issued. the challan slip is sent to the violator through SMS which has the details of date and time when the challan was issued/traffic rule violated and a fine amount is to be paid by the violator within a given period of time.

Telangana e-challan:

After receiving complaints regarding imposition of traffic fines, the state government decided to modernize the system. Telangana e- challan is basically a penalty amount that will be issued in your name and will have to be paid by you.  The amount in the challan might very depending upon the offense or the traffic rule that you would have broken. To curb the rising road incidents, these road fines have been formulated. The fines procured are based on the New Motor Vehicle Act of 2019.

What is 12 Point System of Telangana Traffic Police?

Telangana Traffic Police introduced the 12 point system to refrain the frequent defaulters by suspending their license if they bagged 12 points within 24 months.

Offences like driving with no helmet, over speeding, driving uninsured vehicles, driving wrong side of the road, no seatbelt, and more such offences were assigned with a point each.

Lets understand this with an Example, a violator would be given 1 point for driving without helmet, 2 points for driving uninsured vehicle, 1 point for over speeding and 4 points for chain snatching while driving. If anyone gets these 12 points within 24months/1 year, then his/her license will get suspended.

To be honest, its a great initiative taken by Telangana Traffic Police to curb this indiscipline by people and violation of basic traffic rules which thereby protect everyone from mishappening.

What happens if we don’t pay e-challan in Telangana State?

If anyone fails to pay the e-challan in Telangana, they can be visited or chased by a traffic police officer at their residence to collect the challan amount and have some tea with them. Offcourse, it was a joke but its not when it comes to discipline of traffic police, the person will definitely not be spared.

If the challan amount is not collected from the offender’s home address then the offender will be summoned to court. Failing to appear in the court can get their license suspended.

There are cameras set on most of the junctions on road, not just in Telangana, but other states and metro cities. If anyone breaks the signal or any other rules, the camera captures the car plate number and looks up for the owner and send a e-challan to the registered phone number of the owner of the car.

Possible traffic violation:

Lets us check some of the fines incurred for their corresponding  traffic violations.

  • Driving without a license
  • Driving without proper registration of the vehicle
  • No ‘Pollution Under Control’ (PUC) certificate.
  • Entering the ‘No Entry’ area.
  • Violation One-way
  • Speaking on the phone while driving
  • Driving on the wrong side
  • Not wearing Helmet
  • Travelling on the footboard
  • Breaking traffic signals
  • Over speeding the vehicle
  • Drink and driving
  • Not following Covid -19 Protocols i.e. not wearing masks while going outside.

How to check status of your Telangana e-challan?

Generally, the e-challan will be sent to you in the form of a message on your registered mobile numbers from the RTO (Regional Transport Office). Apart from this you can also check your e-challan status online. Here we will step by step learn how the check the following:

  • To check your e-challan status in Telangana, first visit to ‘Parivahan Portal’ by clicking here¬†
  • When the home page appears, enter your ‘DL number’ or ‘Vehicle number’.
  • If you do have a challan on your name, then a new page opens with all the details about your issued challan.
  • If you don’t have any challan on your name, then a dialogue box will appear with the content – “Challan Not Found”.

How to pay your Telangana State e-challan Online?

Here are few steps Study, then you can use the below-given process and make the payment to clear your e-challan dues.

  • Visit Telangana state police integrated e-challan web portal at
  • Select the option of vehicle number or license number from menu.
  • Submit security code and click on go button to display the e-challan
  • Select e-challan from the list and click on pay button to proceed.
  • Choose any preferred online payment mode and tap onto pay button.
  • Once the payment confirmed, you will receive an acknowledgement receipt for successful payment of e-challan. As well a confirmation payment message maybe sent to your registered phone number.

How to check DL Penalty Points?

There is a system to track offenders who violates rules. That’s the reason Telangana State Police have come up with a system to track defaulters. The increase of penalty points does include different types of punishment from traffic police and will also include jail terms for severe violations along with heavy punishment options:

Look briefly at the steps below:

  • Visit official website of
  • The Homepage will appear, there click on DL penalty points
  • Enter your License number
  • Enter date of birth and submit captcha/security question
  • Then, here you can clearly see the list of points generated through e-challan
  • As mentioned in the 12 point system, based on the total points the defaulter will move for punishment or jail term or respective penalty to punish defaulter for regularly involving in violation.

What is the validity period of an e-challan?

Usually an e-challan issued against your vehicle has a validity of 60 days. If you fail to make the payment in this period, the repercussions are bad. A police constable can knock your door and then in the worst case, the matter is taken to the court.

How to Register for Violation Alerts?

To get an alert message on your phone whenever a challan is issued in your name, look at the steps mention below to know how to get yourself register on the website.

  • Visit the Official website
  • A Homepage will appear, click on “Register” on the right side of the page.
  • A box will appear asking for personal credentials.
  • Enter ‘owner’s name’ and ‘Vehicle number’.
  • Provide them with your valid Email Address and registered mobile number.
  • After filling captcha for verification purpose, click on submit button.
  • That’s it, you are registered. An alert will be sent to your mobile whenever a challan is issued on your vehicle.

Do we need challan?

Yes, Looking around the situations, its necessary to have a system which embodies a set of rules and discipline. Without it, people will get free to do anything. Unfortunately people at high posts and with references can avoid these punishments easily which is why we need a strong system governing this particular field. In our country, corruption is one of a feature which can be seen in every sector. its our moral duty as a citizen to ensure that each of us abide the rules and regulations issued by the government.

Helpline Details:-

Rock Town Colony, Alkapuri,
(In the premises of Rachakonda CP Camp Office at LB Nagar),
Ranga Reddy District, Telangana State, GSI Post- 500069.


Helpline Number : 040-2785 3000

Before ending this article here, we would like to request each of you to follow traffic rules all the time and ensure you are not a threat to other’s safety while on the road.

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