How to Trace ATM Location Using ATM ID? + All Methods [Full Guide]

You have been searching that How You Can Trace ATM Location Using ATM ID where the money is withdrawn? if yes then in this article we will be comprehensively sharing all the ways via which you can trace the ATM Location by using ATM IDs.

So let’s directly come to the point.

If you have ATM Slip

ATM ID: If you have ATM Slip, then all you need to do to scan the transaction slip you have and after scanning in the top right corner of the ATM Slip, you will come across ATM ID which is specifically provided to ATM branches, now after finding this all you need to do is call to customer care support of the Bank and let them know about ATM ID, then they would provide all information needed regarding ATM Branch Name & Location. Also, you can find the ATM Branch through the online portals of banks, however not necessary that this online portal feature would be available for every Bank.

If you don’t have ATM Slip

Customer Care: In case you don’t have ATM Slip if the ATM didn’t dispense one or you lost it somewhere, or you have no clue from where money was withdrawn then in such scenario, you can directly call the customers to care support of the Bank and provide them transaction date and time which you will in your SMS or account statement, then they would ask you some security question and once after verifying your ownership, then will let you ATM Branch Name and Details.

SMS Service: Few of banks, do send the name of ATM Branch from which the money was withdrawn immediately after the transaction got initiated. It is the perfect case for the consumers who want to ask the ATM branch from where the money has been withdrawn. Nonetheless, not all banks have adopted the facilities, and this is at the nascent stage. In reality, sometimes it only comes when you collect money from various bank ATMs.

Online Banking: Internet banking has become very useful now, and with online Internet banking, many of the issues are overcome nowadays. Both transaction summaries are usually available on the Internet or in Mobile Banking. Many of the banks now mention the name of the ATM branch or the ATM ID from which the money was withdrawn for reference to the transaction. That has streamlined the process even further. Unfortunately, not all banks have adopted the same until now.

Branch Visit: When you don’t have access to the Internet, then there’s nothing to say. You should walk up to your Bank’s nearest branch. You can only tell them the transaction information and help them connect with you. The bank executive will provide you with the ATM branch from which you borrowed the money from.

The location of the ATM branch from which the money was withdrawn has become a security matter. So keeping track of the branches from where the money is withdrawn is very important.

And this is how you trace atm by atm id, with the help of customer care, net banking, SMS services, and branch visit.

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