UDIN ICAI : How to Register & Generate UDIN – [Guide]

Unique Document Identification Number (UDIN) is the number given to every document/certificate submitted by the firm’s chartered accountant. This process and website are introduced and governed by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). It is a must for every Chartered Accountant to have UDIN for every document they submit from July 1, 2019.

This process is started by ICAI to avoid fraud and misconduct in the submission of legal documents/certificates for Audits, Attest, and Assurances practices. Only individual practicing Chartered Accountants can apply for this Unique Identification Number. No CA firms can apply for this. This UDIN process brings in lots of clarity and avoids adulteration in the tax formats. It becomes more effective from the government’s perspective.

Official UDIN Website Link: udin.icai.org.

How to Register in UDIN Online Portal:

Every individual Full-time Chartered Accountant can register themselves on the UDIN Online Portal. Follow these steps to do it swiftly.

  • On your browser, open the official ICAI UDIN Website or click this link: udin.icai.org.

How to Register in UDIN Online Portal

  • On the menu, click on Members Registration. 
  • Now provide your membership number, date of birth, and year of enrolment.
  • Now check your inputs and click on Send OTP. 
  • Now enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Proceed through, and you will be registered successfully.
  • Now the website will display the login credentials, which you can save for future login. It will also be sent to your email.

How to Generate UDIN for Your Document or Certificate in the UDIN ICAI Portal:

Here comes the central part. Know how to generate UDIN for your document/certificate in the UDIN ICAI Online Portal by following these step-by-step guidelines.

  • On your browser, open the official ICAI UDIN Website or click this link: udin.icai.org.
  • Now log in using your unique username and password given to you.
  • Now you are required to change the password; this is an additional safety touch. You can provide your personal password.
  • Now click on Generate UDIN. 

Now you are required to provide the following details:

  • Your unique Membership registration number.
  • Firm’s unique Firm registration number.
  • Your email id
  • Name
  • Name of the firm
  • Client reference code or number
  • Date of the document and description.
  • Keywords and values. (Keyword for the type of document you submit)
  • Check all your inputs and click on Send OTP. 
  • Enter the OTP sent to you through the registered mobile number.
  • Check your inputs on the preview of the details shown to you.
  • If you want to change anything, click the back button and make the changes.
  • If things are good to go, click on Submit. Once submitted, the users cannot go back or change anything on the document they submitted so, please check your inputs carefully.
  • If your inputs are right, the system will generate the UDI number, which you can copy and write in your document/certificate that you are about to submit.

Format of UDIN:

The UDI number consists of 15 digits. Let us look at the break up of those 15 numbers.

  • The first six digits are the membership registration number of the CA.
  • The second set of six numbers are the date of issuance of the certificate in dd/mm/yy format.
  • The last three numbers are the Unique UDI serial numbers.

Conclusion and Help: 

We hope we have given you a ton of information on how to register, log, and generate UDIN from the ICAI website. For security reasons, Beware of third-party websites and do not provide your personal or firm details anywhere except for the official website. Avoid fraud and Malfeasance.

Follow these steps if you face any inconvenience;

  • Open this link udin.icai.orgcomplaints.
  • Provide your MRN, Email, and Mobile Number.
  • Enter the complaint for which you seek a solution.
  • Do the captcha and click Submit. 
  • Your query will be answered shortly.

Thank you so much for reading this article entirely, have a great day ahead.

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