Udyam Aadhaar: What You Should Know?

Udyam Aadhaar is also called the Aadhaar for Businesses. The Government of India has initiated a unique document that is specific for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. The Udyam Aadhaar Certificate is commonly known as the MSME registration which is provided to the business owners.

The central motive behind launching this facility is to allow the government to provide maximum benefits to small and medium-sized business owners who are registered through MSME. In layman terms, the Udyam Aadhaar is a certification for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises or businesses.

The owner of the business will have to provide his/her 12 digit Aadhaar number for this purpose. This is a crucial guideline for the registration process. Every micro, small and medium-sized enterprise should have a recognition certificate provided by the MSME registration.

udyam aadhaar guide

Who Can Get The Udyam Registration?

The businesses or enterprises that are eligible for Udyam Aadhaar registration are either supposed to be in manufacturing, processing, producing, preserving goods or providing any kind of services. For example, traders who buy, sell, import or export services or goods are not eligible for Udyam Aadhaar registration.

However, it is essential to know that enterprises or businesses should meet a certain set of conditions to be eligible for MSME registration. In order to apply for the Udyam registration, they should be classified into micro small or medium-sized businesses. Now let us have a look are the various kinds of enterprises in detail.

– Micro Enterprises
Investment: Upto 1 cr
Turnover: Upto 5 cr

– Small Enterprises
Investment: Upto 10 cr
Turnover: Upto 50 cr

– Medium Enterprises
Investment: Upto 50 cr
Turnover: Upto 250 cr

Udyam Aadhaar Registration Process: How To Get Started?

If you are a business owner and have no idea how to get started with the Udyam Aadhaar registration, then you are at the right place. The process is hassle-free which we will discuss below.
The current system requires a lot less information as compared to tons of paperwork back in the day. However, you need to be aware that the website does not charge any fee for the registration process.

Not to forget, the process is now convenient and less tedious as compared to the older methods. Here is a quick step-by-step guide that you can go through for the Udyam Aadhaar registration or the MSME registration.

Step 1: The first step always involves visiting the official website of the Udyam Registration process. Here is the link that you can check out: Udyam Registration. If this is the first time registering for MSME, then choose the ‘For New Entrepreneurs who are not registered yet as MSME’ option.

Step 2: At this stage, you will have to enter your personal information. Initially, you will have to enter your name along with the 12 digits unique Aadhaar number. Later select the ‘Validate and Generate OTP’ tab. Now you will receive an OTP on the registered mobile number. Make sure that you enter the accurate OTP in the field.

Step 3: Now you’ll have to choose the type of enterprise that you own. Enter the correct PAN card number and choose the ‘Validate’ option. Now the validation process will take place.

Step 4: Once you are done filling in all of the mentioned details, the next information will be to provide the complete postal address of your enterprise or company. At the same time, you will have to enter your company’s district, state, pin code, mobile number and finally the email address.

Step 5: Now, you will have to enter your company’s active bank account number. Alongside, you will have to provide the IFSC code of the branch. If you are not aware of the IFSC code of your bank, then you can look up the same on the bank’s website.

Step 6: At this next stage, you will have to mention the main activity of your business. Now, this can be manufacturing or services as well. At the same time, you will have to submit the total number of employees in your company. After you are done entering all of these details, the final is to enter the total amount of money that you have invested in your plant or machinery. Make sure that the amount is in lakhs.

Step 7: This is the final step that will mark the completion of this process. You will have to select the district industry centre from the drop-down list. Go through the declaration form and hit the ‘Submit and Get final OTP’ option.

Enter the OTP that you will receive on the registered mobile number and hit the ‘Final Submit’ option. Once you hit the button, you will receive a registration number. Now the government will verify your information. After verification, you should receive an e-registration document soon on your email ID.

What are the document requirements for udyam Aadhar registration?

Udyam Aadhaar registration for MSME registration is a paperless online procedure that is based on self-declaration. You don’t have to submit any kind of documents for registering for an MSME. The only requirement for Udyam registration is the Aadhaar number.

Furthermore, the GST link details and PAN Card details will be automatically taken from the government databases. At the same time, the investment and turnover ratios will also be taken the same way.

What are the benefits of registration with Udyam?

There are several benefits of registering a business and getting the udyam registration. Ticket what the best thing about the udyam registration the simple process to it. There is absolutely no need to handle any kind of paperwork for the same.

• It allows easy access to credit at lower interest rates.
• It helps in the industry setting process or reduces the cost of getting a patent done.
• Udyam registration enables in getting government tenders.

The Bottom Line

Udyam Aadhaar registration is mandatory for all micro, small and medium-sized businesses. At the same time, no business or enterprise is allowed to file more than one Udyam registration. We hope that you found this write up to be informative and it helps you with your registration process. In case of any doubts or queries, feel free to write to us.


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