[Solved] How to Solve BHIM “UPI Registration Failed” Issue Online: Guide

Today in the age of digitalization, everything happens online. Whether you want to buy something or want to transfer money, everything is possible online. The Internet has become a lifesaver for us, and one such feature is UPI payments.

UPI stands for Unified Payments Interface, and through UPI, you can make any digital transaction within a matter of a few seconds. You will only require to have a valid UPI id and a UPI PIN using which you can make any digital transactions seamlessly.

Everyone has heard of the BHIM UPI app. Almost the majority of us have used UPI transactions or payment sometime in the past few years. The BHIM app was one of the first to bring and popularize UPI among the masses in India. As a part of the Digital India Campaign, most of us have chosen to make UPI payments.

In this article, we will talk about BHIM UPI. BHIM stands for Bharat Interface for Money. Here we will discuss how to solve registration failure in the BHIM UPI app. In case you are unable to register for BHIM UPI, you have come to the right place. Read all the solutions listed below and apply them. You will be able to solve your registration failure once you read this article.

So without any delay, let us get started and list down all the solutions to BHIM UPI registration failure.

How Do I Solve BHIM UPI Registration Failure Issue?

There can be multiple reasons due to which you may have trouble registering for the BHIM UPI app. Let us dive into all the methods of solution-

Method 1: Insert SIM in SIM Slot

Most of our tech-savvy phones have dual or even triple SIM slots. People use two SIM so as to get the maximum benefit. However, sometimes the BHIM app may not function if your bank registered SIM is inserted in the 2nd slot. You may see the registration failed or an error in the registration message every time you try registering in the BHIM UPI app. To solve that, remember that you always need to insert your Bank account registered mobile phone number in the second SIM slot.

Method 2: Check Balance in your Bank Registered Sim

This is sometimes a small mistake but often overlooked. For registering to the UPI app, your bank registered SIM will be sending an SMS. For that, you need to have a limited balance in that SIM. Ensure that you have a recharge pack or minimum balance so as to register to the BHIM UPI app.

Method 3: Ensure if you have a good network.

Nowadays, most of us are accustomed to use wifi connection for internet usage. We often overlook and fail to check if our SIM has a good network and connectivity. Since the BHIM UPI app will be sending an SMS, you have to make sure that you are in a good network connectivity range. Otherwise, the registration may fail.

Method 4: Use the Bank Registered Mobile Number.

Oftentimes people make this casual mistake. You need to remember that while registering for the BHIM UPI app, you have to use your bank account registered mobile number. In case you are using some other mobile number, your registration will obviously fail.

Method 5: Insert only one SIM in your mobile phone.

Oftentimes BHIM UPI may fail to recognise the correct SIM. This can be a very common error while registering. To ensure you have an error-free registration process, make sure you only use one SIM on the phone. Also, the SIM should be registered with your bank account.

Method 6: Register after a while if you are unable to

At times BHIM UPI servers may be busy. This can happen quite a few times since more and more people are using BHIM UPI app with each passing day. So it’s natural that the servers may be busy, due to which you are unable to register. In that case, try after a few minutes or even hours.

Method 7: Turn Off the VoLTE Feature in your Mobile Phone

If VoLTE is kept on, there may be problems while registering. The reasons may be unknown, but you can try this solution if nothing works. It has worked wonders for some, as turning off VoLTE was helpful in registering for the BHIM UPI app. To disable this feature, go to settings , then wireless and communication, and next SIM settings. Then turn off the VoLTE feature.

Method 8: Complete Registration of your Mobile Number with Bank

In many cases, banks do not fully register your phone number. It remains only for withdrawal notifications. However, to use BHIM UPI services, your phone needs to be fully registered with your concerned bank account.

Method 9: Turn Off Wifi Feature

You may be unable to register for the BHIM UPI service because you are on wifi. At times, your SIM needs to have a network connection and data so that the internet is accessible. Try this method if you are unable to register.

Method 10: Allow all Permission to App

Your BHIM UPI app, just like any other application, will ask for permissions. You need to allow all the permission settings in your phone for BHIM UPI to function. You can do this by going to Settings, then apps, then click on all apps to select the BHIM UPI app. Next, you have to enable permissions.

Method 11: Reinstall the BHIM UPI app.

If all the methods are failing, you can go and uninstall the BHIM UPI app once. Try downloading the app again, and then reinstall the BHIM UPI app. This may solve the registration failure.

Method 12: Install the BHIM UPI app through Mobile Data.

You may have installed the BHIM UPI app using wifi network connectivity. What you can do is uninstall the app and download it again by using mobile data. Then reinstall it by keeping mobile data on. This will solve the error.

That was all for today. We have listed many methods so as to solve your problems regarding BHIM UPI registration failure. Try the solutions listed above. In case you have any further doubt feel free to leave a comment below. Our guide will get back to you as soon as they can and clarify all your doubts. Till then, have a good day!

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