What is CIF Number in SBI Bank – Full Guide

If you are a SBI bank customer, then you would definitely be wondering what is CIF number in SBI? In this post, we will look into SBI CIF number in detail and different ways to find SBI CIF number. Read on!

SBI is one of the leading banks in India with over 24,000 branches all over the country. Besides, it also has 190 offices in 35 different countries. CIF stands for Customer Information Number. It is an 11 digit number that is issued by the SBI bank on account opening.

CIF is a crucial term in banking activities that are known to store all demographic information of the account holder. It is known to contain valuable information of the customer in a digital form. Every CIF holds a unique identification number called the CIF number.

The file is used to retrieve information about the customer during verification. It contains information about the account holders, Demat accounts, loans, EMI and more. The unique number is associated with a computerized file that holds this information that the bank utilizes for verification purposes.

At the same time, the CIF number also comprises the KYC information like identification details, address, along with photo ID. In this article, we will look at the different ways you can get the SBI CIF number. So, make sure you read the article until the very end for an informative journey.

How To Get CIF number of SBI Bank Account?

Let’s see different methods to identify and find CIF number of your SBI Bank Account.

How To Get SBI CIF Using Net Banking?

You can use this method of obtaining the SBI CIF number only if you have registered or activated the net banking facility with SBI. If you haven’t yet activated the net banking service with SBI, then make sure that you complete the process first and then follow the steps given below.

Step 1: First, visit this website –> SBI Net Banking

Step 2: Enter your User ID and password to login into your net banking account.

SBI CIF number using net banking

Step 3: After you are logged into your account, choose the My Account tab and profileā€ tab. Select “Account Summary”.

get SBI CIF number without passbook

Step 4: Next, choose the “Nomination and PAN details” option.

getting CIF number in SBI

Step 5: Choose the “View Nomination and PAN details” option.

Step 6: Here, you will find the CIF number that will be displayed on the screen.

CIF number SBI Bank

How To Get The SBI CIF Number Using SBI Yono App?

If you use the SBI Yono App, you can get the SBI CIF number. If you haven’t yet registered, you will need to first download the application from Play Store or App Store and register yourself. Once you are done with the registration process, then follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Enter your account details to log in to your SBI Yono App.

Step 2: Once on the home screen, you will find a “Services” Tab on the last row. Select the option.

SBI CIF number check using yono app

Step 3: Click “Online Nomination”.

find cif number in sbi yono app

Step 4: Choose “Transaction Account” to select the type of account. Here, you will need to choose the account number.

Step 5: The CIF number will be displayed below.

check cfi number in sbi app


How To Get The SBI CIF Number By Visiting The Bank Branch?

Another alternative to getting the SBI CIF number is to visit the SBI branch directly. Initially, they will ask you several questions for verification purposes. After the verification process is done, the bank executive will provide you with the CIF number. However, make sure that you carry your bank passbook along with ID proof for verification.


How To Get The SBI CIF number Using The Cheque Book?

You can easily get the SBI CIF number using your chequebook. Ensure that you have the chequebook with you to follow these steps.

Step 1: Open your SBI bank cheque book to the first page.

Step 2: You can find the CIF number or Customer Information File.


How To Get The SBI CIF Number Using Customer Support?

SBI bank has given some toll-free numbers that you can call on to get the CIF number. If you don’t want to visit the bank branch and waste your time in long queues, then this is the ideal choice for you. You can easily call the toll free number and get your CIF number. The customer care support will initially ask you some questions to verify your identification. After you pass the verification stage, the customer care executive will then give you the CIF number. These are the toll-free numbers that you can call on:

– 1800 425 3800

– 1800 11 2211

– 080-26599990

IMAGES of CIF number in SBI Cheque book

Below is the image showing CIF number in a SBI Cheque book for your reference

Image credits: Bankcifnumberinfo.com

image of cif number in sbi cheque book

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the CIF number crucial?

The CIF number holds the account holders confidential information. It contains the account holders transaction statements, loan history, Demat account information, along with other private information. Thus the CIF number is unique for each account holder.

2. If a customer opens a new account in the same bank, will they get a new CIF number?

No, the bank issues a CIF number only once. So, even if you open multiple accounts in the same bank, there will be just one CIF number.

3. Can an account holder know the CIF number using the SMS method?

There is no SMS method to know the CIF number. Hence, a customer cannot get the CIF number using the SMS method. But, a user can request an e-statement by sending an SMS using the registered mobile number. The user will receive the e-statement on the registered email.

4. Can I have 2 CIF numbers in SBI?

No, You cannot hold more than one CIF number in SBI.

5. How many digits are there in SBI CIF number?

There are 11 digits in SBI CIF number.

6. What is the use of CIF number in SBI?

CIF number in SBI contains valuable information about the customer which may include ID, account type, deposits, balance, loan details etc.

7. Where is CIF number in SBI Statement?

You Can find the CIF number in SBI statement at the top of the document.

8. Where is CIF number in SBI ATM Card?

There is no CIF number printed on SBI ATM card, you have to use the above discussed methods to find your CIF number in SBI.


The Bottom Line

So, this is all about the SBI CIF number and how you can get it through multiple online and offline methods. We hope we have cleared a majority of your doubts. In any case, if you have any more queries, feel free to write to us. Let us know your feedback and comments on the same.


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