How to Write a Bank Account Closing Letter : Step-by-Step Guide

If you are thinking about closing your Bank account in any particular bank, you must submit an account closing letter to the Bank. To move the procedures officially. Closing a Bank account may be for many particular reasons. You may not be satisfied with that bank’s service, or you have multiple accounts in different banks or even in the same bank.

To Close Your Bank Account, you must first write an official bank account closing application Letter to your Bank Manager. In the application for closing bank account letter, you will need to list all the Problems and reasons for your account closure.

The reasons could be anything, but what you want now is to learn how to write a bank account closure letter. We will help you with learning about bank account closing letter in sample format. There is no need to look at other articles for bank account close application. You have reached the correct destination on the application for closing a bank account.

Before you see the format of the bank account closing letter, we suggest you consider these things:

Things You Need to Consider Before Submitting Bank Account Closing Letter Format:

Before you move on to Submit the letter for the closing bank account to Your Bank Manager, We suggest you to make sure that you have followed all of the things we have mentioned below. This is to ensure your account close application will be accepted without any obligations as the bank will try its best to prevent you from closing an account. So they try their best to reject a closing bank account letter.

  1. De-Link your cards: This is the first thing to consider before submitting a bank account close application. You will be required to De-link all Your Card related to the account. You will submit an application for closing bank account. You will need to de-link your card from UPI if you have linked it and de-link the card from everywhere.
  2. Check Your Account Balance:  Usually, while closing your account, you will be required to pay a closure fee from your account. To Close Your Bank account, You have to Pay the Closure Amount from your account, which is generally 500 INR. So if Your Account Balance is not sufficient, the bank may cancel your bank account cancellation letter. Not only that, you need to make sure that there aren’t any outstanding Balances left in Your account.
  3. Open New Account: Since you are closing your account by submitting bank a/c close application, make sure that the account you are closing is not your primary account. If it is, then make sure to create a new account in another bank to transfer your funds.
  4.  Bank Statement Backup: Before closing your account by submitting the bank account closing form, make sure that you have Printed out the Soft copy of all Your Bank Statement. Bank Statement is required for many financial needs such as allocation of loans and all.
  5. Submit Back the Checkbook and Passbook: After you decided to submit the close bank account letter, you will be required to submit your Passbook, Chequebook, and my Cards Along with closing a bank account letter.

Bank Account Closing Letter: Bank Account Closing Letter Sample Format

Here we provide you the bank account closure letter format. Be sure to follow this format as it will clear your doubts regarding the account closing letter format.


The Branch Manager

(Provide your Bank name here)

(Place and Pin code)

Date: (Date of submission)

Subject: Application for Closure of Bank Account


I Hold an Account No (your account number here) with Your Branch and  I am Unable to Maintain this Account Due to some Personal Circumstances (you can provide any other reason if you have). This is a Request Letter to Please Close my Saving account and Reject any Further Transactions Request.  I am Returning my Passbook, Chequebook, and my Cards Along with my Letter.

Therefore I request You to Please Close my account and Return my outstanding Balance to the Account Details Mentioned Below. It Would be Highly appreciable if You do the needful to initiate the process as soon as possible.

Bank Account Number: (Alternative Bank account number)

IFSC Code: (Akternative bank account IFSC code)

Thanking Your


(Name of Applicant)


We believe that we have solved all of your doubts and queries regarding the bank account closure letter. If you have any more doubts regarding the application for bank account close, we suggest you to go through the account again.

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